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Originally Posted by Nov View Post
Vote sXe
No explanation given as to why he chose one person over the other. SCUM

Originally Posted by McQueen View Post
Gonna side with CP here. If sXe is town then CP is scum. Better than a no lynch.

Vote: sXe
Stupid reasoning and didn't really explain why he was siding with CP. Maybe he's scum because he down played the significance of a lynching a townie in such a small game. It costs us a phase when it shouldn't have. Yeah we'll lynch CP next but the next day phase but after night the split will be 5/3. CP being scum and getting lynched drops us to 5/2 but the night kill brings it to 4/2. So because we lynched sXe a day earlier we have one more chance to lynch scum or we lose. So the significance of picking the right person to lynch was huge.

Originally Posted by Ziggler Claus View Post
we really gunna do this again?

CP's cop on Sterling checks out, now sxe trying to get us to get rid of CP by feigning cop?

not gunna fly here.

vote sxe
A good point actually. He just got lucky that he didn't fake an innocent on a miller.

Originally Posted by CloverElf View Post
Do I feel like hammering sXe.

Yeah, I wanna be the big man. FINISH HIM! vote sXe
Scummy as fuck hammer and then you call me scummy. I'm not sure if you're just clueless or scum.

Paco was on the wagon as well. Same argument as Ziggler and Cloverleaf really, I don't know if it was just bad play or him being scum. McQueen and Nov should have know better though.

CP is scum and he will die next, no question there. My remaining two would be.

1. Nov (I'm sure as I could possibly be about this).
2. McQueen
3. Christo (yeah I know he wasn't on the wagon but it's totally possible that he made sure he was on the right side of the flips).
4. Cloverleaf
5. Paco
7. LC (missed the whole phase but I feel confident that she's town)
8. Ziggler
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