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Re: DVDVR's Top 188 Films of the 1960s

Originally Posted by Henry Hill View Post
Because I find it long, unmoving and ponderous. A rather desperate attempt at an artistic product which doesn't have anything artistic to express at all. The orgy scenes are just embarrassing.

The trailer however with the Chris Isaak soundtrack is awesome. I'll give it that.
Fair enough. Seems like the same type of criticism often linked to 2001. Long, unmoving and ponderous is subjective to the interpreter, but I do think that Eyes Wide Shut expresses far more than meets the eye. (hence the title)

The orgy scene is a replication of the Kabbalistic Sex Magick ritual that dates back to Babylon. In the movie, the ritual is performed as an affirmation of the global elite's power over their sex slaves by casting "Telesmic images" (the process of creating a telos, a mind enduced spell through harnessed sexual energy) into their slaves by means of ejaculation. It sounds fucked up, but the entire movie is soaked in esoteric symbolism of the occult which was Kubrick's artistic expression.

Eyes wide shut isn't for everybody, but the more you delve into the study of ancient schools of thought and secret societies, the more fascinating this movie becomes and starts making more sense. The overlying theme of the movie (Cruise's relationship troubles with Kidman)is only an allegory that ties into Kubrick's bigger picture. If you're looking at the movie hoping for a straight forward narrative then you'll be disappointed, if you're looking for an exciting buildup to some crazy climax then you'll be disappointed as well. It's a complicated movie with cold characters, but it needed to be to get it's message across as realistically as possible. When you start understanding what's going on, some of the scenes (particularly the ritual scene) hits you like a ton of bricks.

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