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Re: Punk And Miz DO NOT LIKE eachother!

guys if you start a new job. how long does it take to learn were things are kept ? how long does it take to get into the new role off another job ? what if its a new career your taking up how long does it take to get into a new routine ?

well my point is the miz has played a heel for the whole off his career and you guys are here giving him shit on a 2 week face turn. dont you think he needs a bit more time ? jesus he needs to adapt his learning a new role so its gonna take time for him to adapt.

also sick off these punk marks. i understand we all have prefrences on a wwe star. but to claim the guy is g.o.a.t and that he owned the mizz is just stuped. punk is good off todays standards on the mic. but off all time not even in the top 10 thats a fact.

punk is all about himself his a selfish bastard. and not just that jeolous springs to mind hence all the jabs at the likes off the rock and austin even michaels and brett hart. the guy is not that good. i just hope the wwe say to the rock you can say what the hell you like as i no full well we will see punk get owned on the damn mic. austin will own punk on the mic.

punk you will never be as good as the attitude guys so get the fuck over it. and the marks. punks good but not great.
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