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Re: Official Puro Match/DVD Discussion Thread (NO SPOILERS)

Global League 2012 - Day 1

1. BRAVE (Ricky Marvin, Taiji Ishimori & Atsushi Kotoge) vs. NO MERCY (MAYBACH, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Genba Hirayanagi)

Clipped, heavily. All they showed is MAYBACH busting out some power moves on the Juniors.


2. Eddie Edwards & Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Akitoshi Saito & Kotaro Suzuki

Very clipped too.


3. Block B: Shane Haste vs. Naomichi Marufuji

This was clipped too, but they showed the majority, and it was really solid. Haste is a guy with big potential, and this win was shocking, hopefully NOAH continues to invest. Marufuji’s hair looks horrible, tbh, he comes across as a Nakamura wannabe. Fail.


4. Block A: Kento Miyahara vs. KENTA

Really stiff and intense, like every KENTA match. Nothing special, though, but the potential was evident, hopefully they meet in a big match down the road (but not for the GHC Hewiki title), because there’s a MOTYC potential in this pairing.


5. TenKoji vs. Takashi Sugiura & Mohammed Yone

Basic as fuck, absolutely nothing special, the only noteworthy thing happened after the match, when Kojima challenged Morishima for the Heavyweight Title. Oh, and Yone can fuck off already.


6. GHC Junior Heavyweight Championship: Shuji Kondo © vs. Atsushi Aoki

Can’t believe it, they clipped even this. Not too much, but still, this is a title match, ffs. Putting the Jr. strap on Kondo was a terrible idea, and who ever came up with that, needs to be fucked in the ass, with no lube. This was solid, but nothing memorable happened, the work was average, and there were few awkward transitions. Oh, NOAH, you’re so painfully average right now.


7. Block A: Mikey Nicholls vs. Takeshi Morishima

Holy shit, this was bad! Thank God they only went 6 minutes, otherwise, this would’ve been a total disaster. So sloppy, so… Meh.


8. Block B: Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Jun Akiyama

Fuck it, this was 12 minutes long, but they only aired 7. Of course. However, I gotta feeling the full version would add nothing, tbh, because the match was going-through-motions, there was no depth and charm. Another really average showcase, which is disappointing considering the names involved.


9. Block A: Yuji Nagata vs. Go Shiozaki

Fucking hell, talking about a letdown! Sheeeeeit, this was boring. And bad. Oh yeah, this felt like a typical, dull and bland Davey Richards match, only slower and more methodical. I swear, Go Shiozaki has no fucking idea how to work a match in pre-finishing stretch parts. He has become unwatchable in 2012, it’s sad really. This shit dragged, it was almost painful. At least the previous matches on the card flew by, but this was just long and vanilla. Ouch.


Well, the snowflakes tell the entire story. Not even one good match from the show. Not even one, folks. Five average ones, but nothing hit the *** mark, and the main event was just boring. Sad, sad, sad. But it’s not even about the snowflakes. The lack of energy, that depressing green ring… This felt like a bad ZERO1 show from the past (now, ZERO1 is much better than NOAH, btw). Korakuen had many empty seats, not even Yuji Nagata could pack’em in. That tells you enough about the state of NOAH. No one looks like a star over there nowadays. Not even Go, not even KENTA. Definitely not Marufuji. Maybe Shima, and that’s it. Nakajima is Kenskay’s guy, and Akiyama doesn’t give a shit anymore, it seems. Fuck this show.
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