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Default Re: Punk And Miz DO NOT LIKE eachother!

Originally Posted by TheKaiser View Post
The crowd was full of fucking marks. Didn't you hear the beginning segment with the Shield? The idiots were chanting for Cena in a segment he has nothing to do with. Screw em, the teenage girls and stupid little kids are part of the reason the product is crap right now.

When I was growing up watching wrestling, I dealt with seeing my favorites turn heel, and it didn't make me stop buying merchandise, it didn't crush my soul or devastate my emotions. I dealt with it, and moved on. I either fell in love with a new babyface, or found something about the bad guy I liked.

Sheltering these stupid little kids, all who are of the Justin Bieber, Call of Duty and Twilight generation, is just creating a bunch of little wussies and annoying little pricks.
AMEN friend. Glad you included Call of Duty in there as well, as that game is probably the most overrated and life killing game ever created.
Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
Reigns is like a Michael Bay movie. It looks good and there's lots of explosions but there's no substance and after it wears out its one trick, you see it for what it is.
Spot on.

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