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Re: Who are some legends that have been beyond forgotten?

Originally Posted by Greenlawler View Post
Idealstranger has done a great job with forgotten legends. But who are some legends, for whatever reason, that have somehow been totally overlooked. They might get occasional mentions on someone's list or spotted on a you tube clip, but do not get the love they should.

I was thinking about this yesterday as I was remembering some of the great fueds of my home area and I thought of the legendary Jackie Fargo. Unless someone grew up down here or is looking up Lawler, that guy has truly gone off the radar.

Who are some guys like this, that younger fans might be interested in doing some research on? Guys so off the radar that even Starnger probably won't get around to covering? Of course their are a boatload of guys like this from the 40's, and 50's. Feel free to mention anyone from any time period.

Here are some I thought of....Stranger excuse me if you have covered, or plan to cover some of these guys, just feeling really nostalgic tonight...

Sputnik Monroe: Great southern territory worker who helped usher in racial equality in the turbulent south.
Barron Mikel Scicluna: While a jobber in the WWF for a while, still had a very colorful and meaningful career
Tojo Yammamoto: Probably one of the greatest "foreign heel" characters of an era.
Sweet Daddy Siki: A touring African American star who wrestled just about everyone, but often under the radar.
Phil Hickerson: Probably best (for better or worse) known as PY Chu Hi in the World Class area, but a steady star in the 70's and 80's who helped develop alot of guys and was part of a great tag team with a young Dennis Condrey.
Billy Jack Haynes: It seems crazy that I am even typing his name here the guy was so over in the 80's in Portland and during a WWF run.

Just a few.....
I am not sure if most of these guys would classify as legends.Sure they gave us many great moments but legends?I am not really sure.

Bill Jack Haynes wrestled at the greatest PPV of all time(IMO)
Scicluna was a WWE hall of Famer long time back
Tojo-Haven't seen him live but I have read he was the dirtiest player ever

Ed 'The Strangler' Lewis-I have always been fascinated by him.My great-grandfather believed if he could have booked Ed in atleast a few matches,he would have made it big.Too bad,our family left the business but the interest in pro-wrestling runs in our veins.

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