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Re: Big Show Champion until he retires?

Originally Posted by tehOne View Post
Paul Wight hate is just stupid. It could only come from the adhd generation. The guy is great as a guy, and fun to watch as a wrestler. They kinda killed the fun to watch as a wrestler part for a few years by having him fight either guys 2 and a half feet shorter than him or his weight.. it made him look either really slow or incredibly fuckin slow. Bad bad booking. Add in the ammount of times they've fed show to cena or a number of other guys and yeah, the booking has not done good things for him the last few years. But he still busts his ass. He's as good as ever on the mic (which is special for a big guy, 99 times out of 100 they are inept in the charisma dept.)

Do I think The big show should be a world champion right now in this point of his career? no. But honestly he's one of the few wrestlers they currently have signed to a contract that I feel should even touch a world title let alone wear one. Again, the booking sucks and has sucked for years, it's left them with a bunch of young guys that have no appeal. Sorry but Ziggler is not a champion, at least not a world champion. At any other period of time in wrestling's history he'd be a jobber. Orton is about the only name I've heard in here that could be thought of as a main event guy considering the booking of the last 4 years, and he's not great.

Don't hate on the big show because the hollywood writers WWE employs haven't created any real stars over the last 4 or more years and now are forced to fall back on guys that were made in the 90's. Hate on the company that employs the writers.

No he shouldn't be champ until he retires... But damned if I can think of anybody on Smackdown that should be champion either.
Right on. He is a legit wrestler, and honestly he is certainly worthy of a WHC reign. It's unfortunate they can't rely on their younger talent just yet, but I would mainly blame the creative staff, and Vince for that matter. Big Show is a monster of a man, and I just think he looks the role of a WHC. Even people who don't watch wrestling will certainly believe that he is champion. When you are as big as he is, it's common for a title to be around your waist.
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