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Re: Top rivals of some of the classic stars

Shawn Michaels:

1) The Undertaker- They had feuds in two entirely different time periods (1997-98 and 2009-2010) and both feuds produced a ***** match. In 1997, they did the logical progression from a lumberjack match to a Hell in a Cell match. The lumberjack match was more of a kick-ass brawl. HIAC was a 5 star match and one of the greatest matches of all time. In their feud from years later, they had a ***** match at WM 25 and what many regard either a ***** or close to type of match and it ended one of the best careers ever. What really stands out to me is how they were able to have two completely different types of ***** matches with HIAC and then the WM 25 match. Two entirely different types of matches and two guys that had evolved and were different workers in their later feud. Impressive. Epic feuds both times around.

2) Chris Jericho- Two different feuds again. First one in 2003 centered around Jericho once being a huge HBK fan and now wanting to end Shawn's career. Good stuff with Jericho claiming he was now more talented. Their match at WM 19 was the first match they *ever* had with one another. Awesome match, especially when you consider that was the first time they ever locked up. 2008 their feud was more "personal." What I like to refer as the appetizer in their 2008 feud was the match at Judgement Day, which was a nice, somewhat short match in which they shook hands afterwards. The hate wasn't quite there yet. After Jericho hit Shawn's wife, that amped up the intensity of the feud. They had a good match at GAB in which Shawn had one of the biggest blade-jobs in quite sometime. Then, they had the best match of this feud at No Mercy with what was in my opinion a ***** ladder match. Great match. Then, at Unforigven they had a non-sanctioned street-fight. Great brawl from start to finish in which we saw a violent side of Shawn that we had never really seen before. Great feud.

3) Triple H- On the cusp of Shawn returning for the first time in 4.5 years. Their match at SummerSlam 2002 is one of my favorite matches ever. To see someone come back from a 4.5 year absence from the ring and have that great of a match was insane. I didn't think it was possible after such a long absence. They had great heat, too. Teasing the DX comeback, only for Triple H to turn heel really pissed the fans off, as they were jonseing for a DX reunion in the worst way. I enjoyed their HIAC match, but it ran alittle long at around 45 minutes. If they just cut the match around 10 minutes shorter, it would have been much better, IMO.

What could have been with Austin if Shawn didn't suffer the back injury..

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