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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by JoeRulz View Post
I guess I'm the only one who thinks Lesnar/Cena is "just" very good, but not great or GOATesque. Sure, it was pretty innovative, brutal and shocking for WWE, the storytelling was damn fine, selling too, but something, I can't really put my finger onto it, something prevents that match from the "great match" label, IMO. Two ref bumps really irked me.
I do think it's a great match, but I too feel it's very overrated around here. It's brutal, and a fun match to watch with Cena getting destroyed, as well as showing Lesnar for the monster he is. But I didn't get much out of it except that. The ending still blows imo (though it's not as terrible as some make it out), and while the brutality keeps the interest high, the pace and sequences don't keep me interested. Plus I haven't really had any desire to watch the match again since the last time I saw it 6 or so months ago. I don't get how someone could put it amongst the greatest of all time, but this isn't the only match in the last few years I feel that way about. It's the same thing with Taker/HHH WM27, Taker/HHH WM28, and Lesnar/HHH SS (although the last one isn't quite as bad).

As far as the Punk/Jericho matches go, I 100% go with the WM match over the ER match. ER was a great match, WM was a damn-near, if not a classic contest. Excellent wrestling, psychology, and some storytelling thrown into the mix, not to mention it feeling like a Wrestlemania quality championship match in regards to the two self-proclaimed "Best in the Worlds" going at it at a top level for the top prize in the business. Love the match and it's easily MOTN and second best MOTY imo.

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