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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

I was going through my logs and my ratings as of late and I wanted to beg the question ; who is the greatest big match performer ever ? When I say big-match performer I'm talking about Wrestlemania's, Summerslam's, Survivor Series's, Royal Rumble's , and any PPV/TV event that had a match with huge expectations.

As much shit as he gets from me and everyone else here, it GOTTA be Shawn. Here's his credentials (and a list of all of his ****+ matches on the big four) when it comes to big match experience ;

- RR 91 vs Orient Express
- WM X vs Razor Ramon (1st Televised WWE Ladder Match)
- SS 95 vs Razor Ramon (Considered by some as better than the 1st)
- SS 96 vs Vader
- SS 96 vs SID
- 1st HIAC vs Undertaker (and GOAT Match)
- SS 97 vs Bret
- RR 98 vs Taker
- SS 02 vs HHH (#11 on my GOAT list)
- 1st Elimination Chamber
- WM XIX vs Jericho
- SS 03 vs Team Bischoff
- WM XX vs Benoit vs HHH (# 8)
- WM XXI vs Kurt Angle
- SS 05 vs Team Smackdown
- WM XXII vs Vince Mcmahon (Love this ishhh)
- WM XXIII vs John Cena
- SS 07 vs Randy Orton
- WM XXIV vs Ric Flair
- WM XXV vs Taker (#3)
- SS 09 vs Legacy
- SS 09 vs HHH vs Cena
- WM XXVI vs Taker (#5)

When I look at Shawn, I see a guy who has more ***** than anybody else in the WWE but a guy who isn't the GOAT... Can somebody make sense of this for me ?

BTW, Cena-Lesnar is 10th of my GOAT matches list

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