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Re: Do you think they may be making SmackDown important again? (Wishful Thinking)

The only way to make SmackDown important would be to kill the SuperShow concept and let SmackDown have storylines again.

If they're going to have Superstars crossing over, they should book it as if there is still a brand split.

One option would be to rewrite the rules of the brand split. Basically have it so that the brand extension only applies to wrestling. John Cena will appear on SmackDown to cut a promo but never wrestle a match. Sheamus will appear in a backstage segment on RAW, but not compete.

Another option would be to book the show based on the brand split. RAW will be focused primarily on the RAW Superstars, with SmackDown appearances being treated as cameos. SmackDown guys never get extended promo time on RAW and vice versa. For example, if Sheamus & Alberto Del Rio have a match on SmackDown, it'll get 15 minutes, but if they're wrestling on RAW, it will get no more than five. RAW guys never come out on SmackDown to cut a 20 minute promo. Their speaking time will be limited to a short backstage interview or segment.

But honestly, at this point I think they should just fully embrace SmackDown as the lesser show. Draft all the "important people" who show up on RAW anyway over to the RAW brand officially (along with a few higher tier midcarders like Kofi, Sandow, Rhodes, etc.) Draft all the midcarders like the Colons, Santino and Ryder over to SD. Let SmackDown be the B-brand where midcarders get to shine and get over with the fans, basically like Season 5 of NXT or WWECW. The more over midcarders who can get reactions like Ryder, Santino, Riley, and Brodus can carry the show. Have 1-2 top guys make advertised "guest apperances" (kind of like Main Event) for the sake of the ratings/ticket sales. For example SmackDown can feature CM Punk vs. Zack Ryder or John Cena vs. Fandango. Maybe have The Miz's MizTV segment as a SmackDown staple, where people will pay to see The Miz, but the focus is on the other guys. Miz can use his talk show to interview someone like Tyson Kidd and rub his star power off on him.

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