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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Extreme Rules 2012

Orton/Kane - ***1/2
Brodus/Zig - **
Rhodes/Show - *1/2
Sheamus/Bryan - ****1/2
Ryback/jobbers - DUD
Punk/Jericho - ****1/2
Layla/Bella Twin - DUD
Cena/Lesnar - ****3/4

- Really an amazing show. Ended up bumping up 4 matches.

- Orton/Kane had a nice little old school feel to it with the brawl around the arena. Surprisingly good stuff for a feud that wasn't really anything. Kane has been on this year.

- Bryan/Sheamus is just great. I'm not always a huge fan of Sheamus in the ring but he looked great here. And my god was Bryan good. Man is a genius in the ring and I really liked how they incorporated the falls.

- Punk/Jericho, really, really impressed me on now my 3rd watch. Grew on me a little the first time but I really got drawn into the emotion of the match this time. Some pretty creative spots too, using the tops of the announce tables. Yeah, I know, Punk probably shouldn't have been able to kick out of the 2nd codebreaker but considering he was champ, in an incredibly emotional/heated feud and in his hometown, I can accept it. Elbow drop thru the table OWNED. Jericho was such an epic heel too. Liked how Punk's sister got involved too and they gave them some focus at ringside. Feel good moment when he jumped into the crowd after too. This rating is the same as the WM one for me but I'd still rank the WM one slightly ahead.

- Cena/Lesnar is such a unique match. Felt the blood in the opening minutes really set the pace for what we were going to see. Tons of creative spots with the MMA aspect coming into play, along with the chain. Lesnar going full kamikaze was breathtaking. Cena's selling of the arm was nearly perfect, imo. The finish is fine as far as I'm concerned. Chain shot to the face with Lesnar moving pretty quickly getting blindsided, followed by an AA on the steps...I'll take it. I agree with anyone that says Lesnar SHOULD have won, because there were so many ways Cena's story could have progressed and it makes Lesnar more dominant. But considering that Cena was booked to win, I think they did it 100% correctly.

Hot crowd, great matches, awesome show.

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