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Re: Top rivals of some of the classic stars

Originally Posted by the modern myth View Post
Randy Savage

1. Hulk Hogan
This year olng rivalry is one of the greatest slow burn wrestling angles of all time. From Randy Savage taking the title at Wrestlemania 4 in the tournament finals, the rest of 1988 was a fantastic example of brilliant storytelling. The friendship and then jealousy issues between Savage and Hogan was told brilliantly, and the way Savage reverted to his crazy, paranoid old self was brilliantly acted. This whole storyline, right up to Wrestlemania V, was amazing.

2. Jake 'The Snake' Roberts
Two men operating at the peak of their potential. Roberts brought a sauve and psycotic darkess to the angle whereas Savage played all out crazy. The pay off matches weren't as great as the storyline, which is a shame, but the feuds gets bonus points for provoking some incredible fan reactions (the snake bite on Savage, Roberts slapping Elizabeth). Compelling stuff.

3. Ultimate Warrior
Savage and Sherri asking Warrior for a title shot, Warrior refusing and Savage fucking him over to cost him the title was a great way to build to their epic showdown at Wrestlemania. These two were such charasmatic performers that their chemistry in the ring was electrifying. You genuinely couldn't look away whenever these two were together. Their match at Wrestlemania 7 is also Warrior's best ever match, hands down.

4.Ric Flair
Their rivalry in early 1992 coincided with the time that I fell in love with WWF. I loved Flair's OTT performances, Savage's jealousy and the way the angle was played out over such a long period of time (almost a full year). Their animosity towards each other was portrayed so convincingly over their feud that I believe they could've been having their back and forth matches based on it for years, if both men had stayed with WWF. Their WCW matches were also pretty good.

5. DDP
Savage excelled in lengthy rivalries and his eight month classic with DDP is fondly remembered as the best of his WCW work. He never fully lived up to his potential in WCW until this barnstorming feud. It's the only WCW that I can rewatch and still care about.

It's a shame that Savage never remained with the WWF. They totally misused him. In 1993-1994 he did nothing, whereas he could've been raking in the big bucks in main event feuds with Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker and even a Hulk Hogan feud in mid-1993.
I think Lawler has to be here somewhere, their fued lasted for years, in and outside of the ring. It was also probably the first ever inter promotional angle. Made even better because there was legitimate animosity. If you have never seen some of the Lawler v Savage stuff it is worth a watch. Way more intense than any of Savages WWF fueds.
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