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Re: WWE 2011: Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination

JAM's Review

Opening segment was really well done. You did well in having Edge hype up Cody Rhodes to be a real threat for his title, doing the reverse of what usually happens, I like it. The exchange between the two was really fun to read. You told me you had fun writing it and it showed in your work. My favorite part was when Cody went into the crowd giving out tips on how to be dashing, that was brilliant. Not sure about the attack but I guess it was to set up the main event which should be a pretty good one. You've definitely built up Cody well so I'm looking forward to seeing more on this feud.

This new attitude from Kaval definitely suits him better, he's always been better as a heel. That said, seemed like a pretty long description for just a four minute match but that was fine. Kaval's a good person to push so I'm glad you're giving him a chance, he can help the midcard a lot and if you wanted to, eventually shoot up the card even higher. Daniel Bryan interview was a good one as well. All this talk of improving was a good dynamic for you to build this promo around. Tap or snap, love that catchphrase!

Bryan/Ziggler match was pretty good and I'm glad you didn't have it end cleanly or well, too clean. Both guys were pretty much on fire at this time so it was good for them to just put on a good match and move on from there. Interesting that you have Bryan compete for the spot, I guess we'll see a big push for him real soon which I don't mind. Random tag team right here but this segment was pretty funny, oh Kane. Not sure what it was for but it was a good spot for a comedy segment.

I feel like Drew talked a little too much here. He already had his chance to speak his mind before the match but spoke again after, not sure about it. But all that he had to say was spot on. He was basically hyping himself up off of other people's comments about him. This feud has been rather entertaining and with a unique group of people that you've chosen. Glad that you're giving us a variety. Really liking this feud so far, keep it going!

Del Rio interview was hmm, pretty standard. I think I would've liked to have read the words in his accent, no idea why. But he did make a good point about who he has beaten. I must say that the commentary on the show has been really good as well. Hyping done by the two was well done. Again, a really random tag team match, not sure what it's purpose was so I'll just reserve my judgment on it.

Would've liked to have seen the main event written with more detail but it's alright. I think this was needed with Edge coming out on top of this one. Was a pretty clean win for Edge so that may halt Del Rio's push a little but losing to the World Champion is no embarrassment. I think more could've been done for the main event in terms of the stuff that went on post-match but this was okay too.

Overall, it was an enjoyable episode. That part where you hyped up your RR card was well done. I did notice that you had a lot of spelling errors, so you may want to double check your work before you post it. Always wanna post your best work man. Everything else was well done. My favorite part had to be the Trent/Drew confrontation, that feud is slowly becoming a good one, good job! Oh and the Bryan/Ziggler match was pretty decent as well, all around good show. Onto the next!

Btw, liking the news update that you gave us. The guys you've signed should definitely help the tag division if you choose to debut those 4 men as a tag team. Also, I think you should keep doing the interviews, it's good practice for promos and just gives you a feel that this can happen 24/7 and how real it may be. So imo, continue with it.

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