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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by #PaulHeymanGuy View Post
Just watched this and decided to pass it along

Sheamus vs Randy Orton vs Edge vs Chris Jericho vs John Cena vs Wade Barrett (Six Pack Challenge : Night of Champions 2010

We have a pretty big cast here, as the bell rings I'm expecting Jericho to bump around alot here...........AAANNNDDD he's eliminated just like that. REALLY WWE. You take the second best worker in this match and have him eliminated in like a minute, while Borrett stays in the match ? Okay then, whatever. Cena and Orton face off and the announcers play it off as it's the most epic thing ever (spoiler ; it's not) , although they do have a pretty memorable exchange. IT'S FINISHERS GALORE HERE as there's counters and finishers and counters and finishers all over the place.

It's one of THOSE matches, where there's a huge influx of excitement , followed by nothing really happening, followed by EXCITEMENT, followed by nothing. I'm digging this match though, as honestly these guys work pretty well with one another collectively. Edge is eliminated and we're left with 4 individuals who look like they could have the worst chemistry EVER. Shenanigans ensue which results in the elimination of both Barrett and Cena, in what I must say has to be one of Barrett's most exciting moments ever.

Things are picking up in the final showdown between Sheamus and Orton. Normally I absolutely HATE their chemistry together, but this is easily their best pairing as they exchange finishing blows, ultimately culminating in an Orton title victory, and a continuation of all of the feuds interdispersed inside this match. Was pretty fun in parts, but could have been alot better with more Jericho (I understand the booking, as Jericho was leaving anyways). Much better than the pretty mediocre FFW match where Sheamus won the title earlier in the year. Should check it out if you have the time.

Just out of curiousity, who is the best worker in that match, if Jericho is 2nd?

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