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Originally Posted by Perfect Poster View Post
RGIII's receivers aren't anything special. He doesn't have a Reggie Wayne he can throw it to.

And RGIII's been vastly better by any measure statistically, and using the 'less talent' excuse will only get you so far.

Player Cmp % Yds/Att TD-to-INT Ratio
RG3 67.5% 8.2 4:1
Luck 56.8% 7.1 1:1

Also, Indys had the 5th easiest schedule (tied with Pitt) while the Skins are near the middle. RGIII has been doing things unprecedented for a rookie. Luck's been having a good rookie year, but RGIII's rookie year would statistically go down as one of the best all time if it ended today.

EDIT: Fuck me taking forever to reply to this after you made another post. Oh well.
Things that have never been done before? Stats are nice but at the end of the day wins is what matter, no other first overall QB has ever had more than 7 wins in a season. In 11 games Luck already has that many. He is doing things that have never been done before, they just aren't showing up on the statistics.

And you guys aren't taking into account the fact that RGIII has Morris who has proven himself has a good quality back. Nothing amazing, but he is reliable which is something that is nice to have in your runningbacks in this league. That is something that Luck does not have in any way and that does create a whole hell of a difference as teams anticipate the pass nearly all the time and just focus in on the passing game as our running game doesn't scare anyone.

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