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Re: TEW2013 Announced

Other features & release dates
#150+: Other Features...

We will finish the journal with a random selection of features that didn't get their own entry, either because they were too small to warrant one or because I didn't have time to fit them in. This list is in no particular order, nor is it complete - there are lots of other features that have been left for the player to discover for themselves while playing the game.

- Gimmicks can be created in-game when at the assigning stage, removing the need to go back to the main editor.

- The entire storyline section has been revamped to be more user friendly and flexible.

- The tag team section contains a list of "incomplete tag teams", i.e. those that exist and which you already have one member (or both but haven't yet activated the team).

- A worker's personality types are easily visible from any list without the need to go into his profile to look it up.

- The dirt sheet, previously quite hard to read when showing a lot of information, has been upgraded to be more user friendly.

- The AI will stack legendary events and season finales with top talent to make the most of them and rightly treat them as being special.

- Morale \ backstage ratings take into account brand splits.

- Physical recovery rates are more pronounced in how effective they are between young wrestlers and people who are past their prime.

- The venue selection screen has been redone to provide more information and be more user friendly.

- If a wrestler will refuse a match because it is too risky, he will now tell you when you try and add him, not wait until you've finished the rest of the booking and go to save, thus saving you wasting effort.

- Initial momentum is scaled to promotion size rather than segment ratings, thus eliminating the issue of smaller promotions having a very difficult time getting high momentum.

- Gimmick can now be classified as generic or non-generic; the latter meaning that if more than one person in a promotion uses it, the person playing it worse gets penalised for coming across as an inferior version.

- Virtually every item in the game can be imported.

- The load and delete menus now show lots of information about the game, including time and date of last access.

- No penalties are incurred for not using an announcing team if the event was not televised.

- When viewing a show's output, you can now review the road agent notes you used for that segment.

- If a worker gets injured by another, a negative relationship can form.

- To add more of a booking challenge, some workers can refuse to work with specific others if they have a particularly negative relationship.

- Battle royal booking now includes full filters and an "exclude already booked" button.

- A wrestler's death during a calendar year makes him slightly more likely to win awards due to sentimentality.

- Narratives have been added to create new bad habits for workers.

- More realistic penalties have been added for workers using dispositions or gimmicks that don't suit them.

- Storylines will lose heat if not advanced on major shows if at least one participant was involved; this stops the cheap tactic of "freezing" a good heat grade by not doing anything further.

- A worker's loyalty is now easy to see from any list or profile screen.

- Loyalty was too powerful in previous games, and has been rejigged; workers will now be able to work elsewhere, and the AI is smarter about using it.

- Touring companies have an increased chance of bringing back workers who ended previous tours as champions.

- Running a dojo now involves ongoing costs.

- New dating relationships used to be quite rare due to the imbalance of men to women in most promotions. Major work has been done on addressing this so that more happen.

- The tag team screens list all the previous tag titles that a duo have held.

- When negotiating with someone you can set whether they are to go directly to development or not, thus eliminating the issue of signing someone only to find they don't want to go.

- When booking storylines, a list of who is currently already being used is easily accessible.

- The regeneration options have been further expanded to include Regenerates With Picture, Without Picture or No Regeneration, as well as the aforementioned Legacy options.

- A worker's freelance status is easily visible from all list and profile screens.

- A Clone Match button is available in the editor, allowing you to take, for example, a 1 vs 1 cage match and quickly populate versions for 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, etc.

- You can now get mails from trainers telling you when they think that someone is ready to be called up.

- Rather than just being cosmetic, the head trainer of a dojo now affects the rating of the facility and can also develop a mentor relationship with students.

- The settings in the Era section have been overhauled, expanding the number of categories and refining the amount of control you have over each, including allowing nearly every section to be applied to specific game areas only if desired.

- The way battle royals are rated has been completely overhauled to be more realistic.

- From the Product screens you can now pick an existing company and import their product settings directly.

- Estimated monthly costs and income are shown on the Finance screen to help financial planning.

- Alter egos can have minimum and maximum age requirement settings.

- Road agent notes during a match can be hard to read, especially in multi-man matches; this has been redesigned to be more user friendly and easy to read.

- Injuries can be limited by gender.

- During negotiations, a worker's AI regarding assessing offers has been upgraded, and they are now far better at taking the package as a whole into account rather than biasing so heavily toward company size.

- The Product screens now include premade products that can be quickly applied.

- Gimmick and turn 'staleness' is no longer done on time elapsed but on the number of appearances the worker has made and on the types of show he appears on. Also, the tolerance level before a gimmick becomes stale now relates to the quality of the gimmick too (i.e. a really good gimmick lasts longer).

- The user can now set what specific things to look for during drug testing.

- AI TV booking has been upgraded to be more realistic in regards to the number of matches and angles and how they are used.

- TV shows now have prestige, based on how many seasons they run for. This allows the AI to bias toward preserving or bringing back their most well known shows.

- AI companies are more aggressive opponents during wars, especially in regards to raiding.

- The code regarding calculating wages has been completely overhauled to take more factors into consideration. It also no longer works in 'bands', meaning that you're far less likely to see an identical wage demand from lots of workers who are at the same level of popularity.

- A worker who has been away for a long time will get his momentum rebooted when he returns.

- PPV buy rate calculation has been overhauled, both in terms of being more sensitive to the importance and quality of the show being presented, but also taking previous shows into consideration (for example, hitting the view with many pay-per-views in a short period of time will see them start thinking twice about buying from you).

- Morale \ Talk To Worker is now incorporated into the roster screen itself, saving the user from having to flip between two different sections to handle related issues.

- A version of CBH's "return to base" has been added, allowing the user to skip the web site and go straight to his or her office upon starting a new day \ turn.

- The Size screen now includes a Spillover pop-up, explaining the concept and giving a table of which regions spillover into which others.

- Spillover has been altered to be more realistic for the UK and Europe.

- There are new female-only independent shows to help give unemployed women more places to develop their skills.

- There are more independent shows in general, allowing workers more opportunity to develop. The number can scale based upon how many unemployed workers there are in the area.

- When doing your initial User Talents, there are preset option available to speed up the process.

- Upon signing a new PPV deal the user will automatically be given the option to automatically set all his or her events to be PPV sized, thus saving him the trouble of going to the Schedule screen or potentially forgetting.

- The entire Trends feature has been overhauled to play a much more important part in the game.

- The rate of new worker generation can be greatly increased so that users who want to fill up an area quickly can do so.

- The entire e-mail section has been upgraded to be more user friendly.

- The Schedule section has been overhauled to be more user friendly and require less clicking, including a button to set all the events to their "best" level automatically.

- Multi-man tag teams can get experience boosts from the tag teams contained inside them, and teams can also gain experience from being in these matches.

- When viewing networks, an on-screen prompt will tell the user if he is viewing a station who he doesn't have the requirements to get a contract with, thus saving potentially wasting time with a doomed negotiation.

- The need to be off-screen for a period of time to do a big gimmick change has been removed in favour of smarter AI in handling said change.

- The Dominate road agent note has been too easy to exploit in the past, and so has been revamped to have more potential drawbacks and penalties if used badly.

- Giving a wrestler a road agent note like Protect, Dominate or Keep Strong now gives a slight increase in their willingness to suffer a loss.

- The code that governs opening new promotions has been totally overhauled to provide more realistic and effective results.

- Events can be set to be never on pay-per-view from the editor, primarily for scenario usage.

- The storyline section now has a history button, where you can view previous storylines that have been held.

- Currently turns and gimmick changes in development promotions carry over to their parent promotion once the worker is called back up; the two are now treated as being entirely separate, so a worker will return with the same settings as when he left.

- Custom venues can be outgrown, especially for smaller promotions, and so now can be sold off to raise cash.

- You can now edit custom venues via the Investments screen.

- The Finance screen is easily accessible from all negotiations-based screens, making things more user friendly.

- The promotion's name can be inserted into angle commentary in the same way that worker's names and genders can be.

- Alter Egos can now have their own masks.

- The user has the option of turning off the e-mails giving you your latest TV ratings, as they can often annoyingly fill up an inbox.


We are pleased to announce the release dates for TEW2013.

Sunday December 9th: TEW2013 Public Beta

Sunday December 16th: TEW2013 Retail

As you can see, we are continuing with the same successful strategy as for the past few games, which is to release a public beta first and then the retail version.

For those of you who are not aware, the public beta is the full game with the only change being that you are limited to playing a single month of game-time before that particular save game is 'locked' (it can be unlocked and continued with the retail version). There are two reasons for a public beta; one is that it gives you a chance to evaluate the product and decide whether you wish to purchase it, the second is that it means we get a week in which we can fix any last-minute bugs that slipped through the cracks before we ask you to pay for the product.

As with previous releases we are not announcing a specific time for the releases. This is to try and prevent people from 'camping out' on the site at a certain time and overloading the servers by pressing refresh constantly. In addition, we will be doing a live chat session on those days - the hope being that people will join the chat rather than constantly updating a "is it out yet? \ pre-release random chat" thread that puts more strain on the site, while still being able to find out when the game is out.

Anyone who wishes to upload the game to their own site once they have it and provide mirror links for other users is welcome to do so.

Information on purchasing via PayPal will be forthcoming.
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