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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

In a sense, the "not buying the PPV" idea works in the sense that a reader might skip over the PPV if it has a poor card/poor build/lack of big matches. I think the key to B-PPVs is the build behind them.

It's all well and good having Brock Lesnar come back to boost the number at Extreme Rules but would that Pay-Per-View have done that much worse without Lesnar? Probably not. Did the build for the Punk-Jericho rematch at the same show make people wanna see that match more? I think so. It's not the best example of a good build for a B-PPV but it's a build that got the fans (or at least some) invested in the storyline. Most of the fans who were complaining about the storyline were going to buy the PPV to see that match anyway because Jericho and Punk are great workers.

While I don't always leave feedback, I follow the majority of active threads on this forum and one of the reasons I don't always leave feedback (other than being a lazy cunt!) is because I'm waiting for things to culminate at the PPV. Building storylines to that point helps establish where things are going and that's really why B-PPV's still even exist but that doesn't mean nothing happens at each of them. Often B-PPV's have matches that have screw-y finishes (DQ, Run-In, Count Out, Missed foot on the rope, etc.) and are rematched further down the line. That's probably the easiest way to make each show mean something. I also think it's a point where the storyline can pivot and develop new depth without getting stale though too many screw-y finishes at PPV's can come off poorly, it's just a matter of not over-doing it.

So yeah, it's fine to use a B-PPV to springboard towards a bigger show but that does mean you're going to be taking away from the show and, if you'd rather work on the Major shows, that's fine but expect less feedback on them as a result.

This whole situation is actually why I eliminated B-PPV's but then you're in a position where a lot of your storylines will have to carry over for months at a time so it's six of one and half a dozen of the other.

That's my take.

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