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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

IMO look at it in the eyes of a viewer - Would you buy a PPV if it was full of meaningless feuds and lackluster matches? No, you wouldn't, youd obviously pass, give it the download the next day and skip whatever doesn't interest you and you would save your money for a PPV that is actually worth it. So in that regard, I think every PPV must be somewhat relevant and not completely filler, and even if it is, at least build it up so it appears that it isn't. You could also argue that it's because the WWE uses the "other PPVs" as filler events, that the likes of Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Survivor Series get more buys, because it is the polar opposite and almost everything is generally the end of a feud, the peak of a feud or the beginning of a feud.

However, if every PPV meant something and it wasn't filler, then from a business stand point, would promotions be as successful? Obviously not everybody can afford 40 12-13 times a year, so they probably have to think wisely when it comes to their Pay Per View purchases throughout the calendar year. If you put on an absolute corker trio of PPVs, spanning from Wrestlemania to say July, chances are that whilst the numbers for those events will be good - Will those people purchase Summerslam and Wrestlemania like they normally would, orn would they leave it out because they spent up all of their "Pay-Per-View budget" so to speak, on B-Level PPVs. Meaning Wrestlemania may not get the crazy amounts of purchases that it gets.

But then again, this is BTB and you're not making money with this and you're not producing a PPV every calendar month, in real life, so in essence everything I just said was mere bollocks and I just wasted five minutes of my life rambling. But in short, I think that every PPV has to have an attraction that will draw the crowd in, be it a huge feud ender or a return or whatever, and take advantage of that special attraction and use that to build for the future, if that makes sense. Say Survivor Series 2011, you had The Rock have his return match after 8 years. Boom, that's your attraction and that will draw no matter what. Now use the other seven matches on the card to build characters and build feuds and rivalrys, investing your readers/viewers so that they will tune in and then order whenever the big pay off to the feud is - You may even use that feud you've built at that PPV as the main attraction for another B-Level PPV.

That's how I would personally work it, IMO. But I did just waffle for a long time.

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