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Re: What's the point in ordering this PPV when we know the result?

Originally Posted by Issues_Sunshyne View Post
Hang on, are we assuming that all reigns prior to CM Punks year-long version were long? CM Punk won the title in November 2011, and between Novemeber 2010 and then, there were 8 title reigns. That's definitely passing the title around.

I remember at the time that Triple H was rumoured to have came in and one of the things he wanted was for the champions to hold the belts for longer to give them more prestige, which happened. People care more now than they did about Cena, Del Rio, Mysterio and Miz's reigns in my opinion.

I don't understand though, people don't want Punk to carry on as champion, they want the biggest title in American wrestling, arguably worldwide, to be passed around between John Cena, Punk & Ryback because they feel it's repetitive. A year-long title has been the most refreshing thing at the top of WWE for a good few years.
i'm not saying pass the title around, but sometimes a little unpredictability is required. Like if two superstars have a good feud going, they need a few title changes to keep it going and to keep it interesting.

I like Punk's reign and it would have been sad if they didn't keep it going to make for a big match against Rock, but if they follow it up with a bunch of other long reigns it will get tedious.

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