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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

Originally Posted by Shazayum View Post
If they have heat the match shouldn't happen. We all know what happens when two people who don't care for each other have a big match........ring a bell?
I don't even think they have real heat tbh. I was just bringing up the infamous rumor that they do because it's the only reason why I think a match between them wouldn't take place.

Originally Posted by Kabraxal View Post
I think it needs to be people that would benefit from a win and thus the match would be more unpredictable. And Punk is simply one of those big enough to be a good foil, but also good enough on the mic to hold a feud. Brock/Taker would be nothing more than just a match with no heat and you can see him getting a huge rub from winning therefore there is doubt that Taker is a certain win.

WM needs to stop being the showcase of the part timers and really needs to be about the next batch of main event talent. So give the spotlight to guys like Bryan, Ziggler, and Punk. I really don't wanna see HHH/Brock II, or Cena/Rock II, or Taker/Brock. They do nothing for the long term of the company and only serve to further push the up and coming talent back further. If it's just basically a showcase of the part timer, the WWE is fucked.
That makes no sense and I really don't know what you're trying to say there. The simple fact is, the streak has become SO big over the past few years that you have to be at a certain level to challenge for it. It's sort of become a double edged sword in a way because they can't use a younger guy because nobody in their right mind is going to buy it. You may buy it but the vast majority of fans won't. I don't think I'm wrong in saying that Punk isn't at the level he needs to be for a streak match against Taker at Mania. He isn't. The report says that they want a strong heel for the match so I'm not getting where Punk is coming into this either. He isn't a strong heel lol. He's a joke heel who isn't a threat to anybody and some of you think putting him in there with the Undertaker will fly? Never lol. He'll get laughed out of the arena.

Originally Posted by The Pied Piper View Post
Dude, he went from taking out Diesel, Sid, and Masked Kane to Big Boss Man.

And then from Triple H & Ric Flair to A-Train.
For all your posting on this topic, you seem to have issues with the development of the streak matches tbh. Taker at 5-0 and even 10-0 is not the same as Taker at 18-0 and 20-0. At this stage of the streak, facing Punk is a HUGE step backwards and most people thinking logically will know that.

Originally Posted by The Pied Piper View Post
You do have a choice not to buy Wrestlemania. If the card doesn't please you, buy something else. I haven't bought any WM since WM 23, for example.

But one thing I do want to know, though, how come so many people expect Punk vs Taker to be great when every time they had a match together they proved to the whole world they have just as much in-ring chemistry as Taker & Austin, which is non-existent.
I know I don't have to buy it. I was simply saying that no matter the card I'll probably end up getting it just because it's Wrestlemania.

My memories of Taker/Punk are not fond. Their HIAC was shit and Punk's current character whining endlessly about getting respect from Taker in a feud doesn't interest me in the slightest. If it does happen they had better bloody come up with something a lot more interesting than that because ZOMG UNDATAKAH Y DNT U RESPECTED ME IM GNA END UR STREEK EVEN THO I CNT EVEN BEATED DA RYBACK WITHOUT DA HELP OF 4 GUYS BUT IM GNA ENDED UR STREEK isn't going to fly.
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