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Re: Fragrances that you wear? and/or like?

Originally Posted by Glass Shatters View Post

Cool story, Casanova. I'll keep spreading my seed until I become as cool as you and have regular sex on tap with the same person instead of regular sex on tap anytime I feel like putting in the effort with a different woman.

BULLY: If you're going to come at me come at me with your own material. Don't just recycle the same line I just said to you previously. The only thing you'll be spreading funboy, is STD's from banging "club sluts" whilst you're out chasing, spending your hard earned on cologne, club entry and clothes to impress those members of the opposite sex, I'll be at home on the couch in a singlet and shorts, getting my dick sucked whilst posting on Wrestling forum.

It was more of a jab at your lack of seeing past your own jaded opinion of "more manly" and "less manly" and your apparent complete lack of accessorized fashion sense; a rhetorical question if you will.

And no, I don't own a pink shirt, nor do I have pants that are so tight that I'd look like Jonah Falcon. I do, however, make sure to match the outfit and accessorize as needed. To me, dressing nice and going out isn't happening without cologne. If I'm wearing slacks, a shirt, and a tie to a function, I'm also wearing a watch. Things that aren't necessary, but do add a uniqueness and touch.

BULLY: Nice Carson. We are all impressed. I get the feeling that you might be exaggerating in the chick pulling department. I have a feeling you do a lot of pulling though, just not with chicks but rather, with your hand.

I don't know of a single person alive that thinks, "OMGZ I'M WEARING THIS PUSSY MAGNET I'M GOING TO BE KNEE DEEP IN GUTS TONIGHT!!11one!1".
Originally Posted by Walls View Post

That shit is a pussy magnet. Every single GF I have ever had has gone nutty for that, current one included.
Wow. That was easy.

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