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Re: WWE 2011: Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Originally Posted by PWInsider
~ With a week left of WWE television until the huge Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View, rumours have it that the winner of the rumble match it's self is still up in the air. It is said that a lot of the higher ups are pulling for different names and they cannot come to the conclusion of who they want to win and main event Wrestlemania. Several names have been discussed, such as Wade Barrett, Sheamus, CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, John Cena, John Morrison or possibly even a returning Undertaker! This generally isn't the case most years, and it is usually known from at least Survivor Series the previous year who they want to win the match, but this year is different simply due to the talented roster that the WWE currently possesses and the amount of directions they could go whilst still providing an entertaining product.

~ Yes, you read correctly, a possible winner of The Royal Rumble could well be The Undertaker, who has been out of action since being buried by Kane and The Nexus at Bragging Rights last year. The reason The Deadman was taken off screen was so that he could heal and recover from any niggling injuries that he may have picked up over the course of 2010, so that he was fit and healthy to compete at Wrestlemania, as the WWE know that The Streak is indeed a big draw when it comes to the Grandest Stage Of Them All. It isn't a secret that he is getting much older and working full time is almost out of the question, so giving Taker' one last title run whilst he's still fit and able is definitely a viable option. There is no word if The Undertaker is completely healed up yet, but many are pulling for him to show up and work The Rumble match, even if he's only performing for a few minutes so that he can win, even if that means he doesn't compete in the ring until the big day it's self, just cutting promos and hyping the match.n However, none of this is confirmed and an Undertaker return it's self isn't guaranteed.

~ In terms of the other matches at the event, it is thought that all of the winners have been set in stone. We, at PWI, have no clue who is winning what match as it has been kept under close wraps, but we expect at least one title change as we head in to The Road to Wrestlemania.

~ In some non-Rumble related news, it was reported that at the beginning of the calendar year, the WWE signed five new talents. Those five being Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Sara Del Rey, Sami Callihan and Jon Moxley, all of whom have made a lasting impression on the independent scene and are well renowned for their work there. Already, on Monday Night Raw, we have seen vignettes hyping up the debut of Sara Del Rey, billing her as the "Queen Of Wrestling", the same moniker she sported during her time in the indys. We don't know the exact date of her debut, or the planned nature of her debut, but we expect her to play a pivotal role within the Divas Division heading in to Wrestlemania 27 in Atalanta, Georgia.

~ The other four men have reported to FCW to rid themselves of any ring rust and to slightly adapt to the WWE style, but it is thought that it won't take long for them to do that, as all four are very talented. No word as of yet when it comes to what role the may play when they reach the main roster, but it is said that Triple H (real name, Paul Levesque), who is gaining much more pulling power in the back, is extremely keen in a tag team resurgence, in ana ttempt to make the dwindling division mean something, and the four new additions to the FCW roster could contribute to that. Hero and Castagnoli are famous for being one of the most entertaining, charismatic and successful teams around the world as "The Kings Of Wrestling" (A team that coincidentally Sara Del Rey was the valet of) and Moxley and Callihan have experience teaming together in several promotions, most specifically CZW, as "The Switchblade Conspiracy".

~ Finally, it is thought that Paul Levesque also isn't keen on the strict PG restrictions that WWE programming are currently following and adhering to. Although the shows are PG, it is thought that the shows are still a lot safer than they need to be, and that is in part due to Linda McMahon's senate campaign. Here at PWInsider, we aren't political experts, but after some simple research and forum browsing, it is almost a foregone conclusion that Linda isn't a populate choice for senate, and any money that is pumped in to the campaign is indeed a waste - An mount that some predict to be almost $30,000,000 per year, all coming out of the McMahon family's pocket. Whether or not we see the lift of the PG label on WWE programming is still yet to be seen, but we wouldn't consider it an impossibility.

Until next time, folks, this has been the PWInsider.

Originally Posted by WWE.Com Exclusives

Spoiler for A fired up Englishman...:
The video plays and we here a roar of the crowd in the background as Raw is still ongoing. We are in a back corridor of the arena where we see several stage hands and backstage assistants, until we come across a shattered William Regal, with a towel around his neck aftern his match with The Miz.

Mr Regal, sir, is it alright if I can just have a moment of your time for WWE.Com?

William turns around and gazes at the cameraman, as we see the sweat dripping off his brow. The elegant Englishman sweeps his fringe out of his eyes before walking up to the cameraman

William Regal:
Why of course you can, I'm fascinated by all of this bloody Double-you double-you dot, backslash, e-mail, dot com nonsense but I can never seem to get to grips with it. What is it exactly that you're doing?

Regal seems to be in a jolly mood as he seems mightily intrigued in to whats occurring here

Well I'm just trying to get a few words out of some WWE superstars to put on the website so that the fans can get to know you as a person better, as well as trying to get your thoughts on recent events.

Billy nods his head understandingly, stroking his chin

With that being said, I'd like to get your thoughts on what went down tonight in your match. You lost to the WWE Champion, The Miz, after a valiant effort in a match that many thought you could have won without Miz cheating. What're your thoughts on your loss tonight and where does this leave you now, as it is obvious that you can hang with the best of them?

The Blackpool native scoffs, almost with a sense of pride, as he smiles towards the camerman

William Regal:
You know what, let me tell you a story. When I was a young boy growing up in the town of Blackpool, England, I was surrounded by dozens of wise, grizzled life-veterans. And at the time, I never really appreciated what they had to say, but one of them was a good friend of my father's... Donald Taylor his name was... Something he said realy stuck with me, and at this point in my life, it has been more relevant than ever...

Regal takes a deep breath, still feeling the affects of his match, as he looks up and smiles, looking fondly back on what "Donald Taylor" said to him

William Regal:
He told me that you're only as good as you think you are. And these past couple of years, I've thought I'm nothing more than a bleeding old, worn out, nonfunctional shell of a man who's outstaying his welcome. But I woke up this morning, I made my self some rolled oats and a cuppa, and I thought that how about... For one night only, I go through them curtains and I believe that I am the best damn wrestler this world has ever seen.

Regal then takes the towel from around his shoulders, and throws it to the side, with a huge grin on his face

William Regal:
And look what bloody happens! I nearly beat the WWE Champion and I get entered in to The Royal Rumble! So now, thanks to The Miz and Donald Taylor, I'm going to wake up every morning, spick and span, and go out there each and every bloody night believing that I'm the toughest little buggar in the world. And at The Royal Rumble in 13 days, I'm going to do exactly that... And you never know, I might actually achieve some success.

The brawler then picks up a bottle of water from the side of the corridor, takes a sip, before speaking once again?

William Regal:
Is that enough for your dot com ridiculousness?

And on that note, Regal walks past the cameraman and seemingly pats him on the back pretty hard, causing the cameraman to stumble forward. Once he has got his footing again, he turns around to see Regal casually strolling down the corridor, mumbling and whistling a random tune, as the video fades to black.

Spoiler for A new attitude...:

We are in the arena following Friday Night Smackdown, presumably with the festivities still ongoing as he can here someone speaking through a microphone in the background. The camera is just wandering around backstage until we hear...

Camerman, come here, I got something I need to get off of my chest...

As instructed, the camera then does a complete 180 to see Kaval storming from across the room towards him. Kaval is dressed casually in a tracksuit, carrying a bottle of water in his right hand, looking mightily annoyed

Yeah I've got something to say.

The World Warrior cranks his neck and menacingly looks right down the lens of the camera

People have been saying that over the past couple of weeks, my attitude has changed. "Oh Kaval, two months ago you were such a bright young man with so much potential". Newsflash, that was never me in the first place. Y'see, the Kaval you're seeing now, is the real Kaval. The man you saw parading around NXT doing silly challenges, followed by a pair of cheerleading chimps, was just an act I put on to get my foot in the door... But the man you see now, is the real Kaval.

Kaval The Brooklyn born Martial Artist takes a deep breath in before continuing

If you don't believe me, go on the internet, search some videos. Look at me competing in Japan, in Mexico and in Europe and you'll see me doing one thing - And that's beating... people... up. Now, what I did to Beth Phoenix, that was a case of wrong place, wrong time. It could have been anyone - Beth Phoenix, Chavo Guerrero, The Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Edge... It could have even been Vince McMahon himself. Beth wants to stand in my way, then I'll move her out of the way the only way I know how, and that's by hurting her.

... Urmm... So what happens now?

What happens now? What happens now, is that I'll continue what I'm doing, just being me. I'll continue to kick people in the face. I'll continue to drop people on their heads and I'll continue to raise people's eyebrows every week and proving my doubters wrong. I'm here to fight, not to act.

Kaval then barges past the cameraman, before charging off down the corridor, obviously staying true to who he says he really is - A boring, lonely, naive yet ruthless and dangerous young man. The video then fades to black.

Yeah, thought I'd give these a go after seeing 619 write them out so spectacularly in his thread. Any thoughts on them would be highly appreciated, if they get a decent response then I'll continue them as I this thread progresses. In terms of where I'm at at the moment - There is only one week of television left to write until the Pay Per View, neither shows I have even started. I have completed 3 out of the 5 matches of the Pay Per View it's self, but one of them is NOT The Royal Rumble match which is by far the longest match I'll write and three times the length of the other main events. In terms of a time scale, I'm roughly guessing the latter end of January is when the Rumble will be posted, but it could be earlier and it could be later, depending on work hours and my college workload.

Thank you if you're reading this, I appreciate it. I would love any feedback on this post it's self, to see whether you guys enjoy my interpretation of it, as well as responding to the content of the two videos themselves. I'll also happily accept any more feedback to come for Smackdown, as well. Thank you CP for yours

Expect a Raw preview up sometime next week, probably. Ciao xxx

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