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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Discounting the third hour, viewership for the first 2 hours is still SHIT. Barely above 4 million. Yes, 3 hours is hurting them. That's a given. But if it was the real crux of the problem, people would still be watching from the beginning of the show and we'd see a gradual dip in viewers as the third hour hits and the show comes to an end. But that isn't happening. They're not starting well and the drop in viewers is the natural consequence of a 3 hour long program. They're starting shit and getting worse. The third hour makes the whole thing look horrible but take it away and the problem is still there. 5 million used to be normal. Then 4.5 became normal. Now 4 is normal. The pattern is obvious. Nobody is able do TV business anymore and that includes John Cena. He'll probably be the highest of the night and the best full time draw they have but he isn't able to do even decent numbers anymore purely on his name alone.

And I've probably said this every week since this whole debate began way back when but CM Punk isn't doing anything to move TV numbers. At all. If he's in there with a Vince McMahon etc, people care. If he's not, people don't give a shit. Why some of you are still continuing to discuss this is beyond me. He doesn't draw. Whether that's his fault or WWE's fault, it doesn't matter because he still doesn't draw. Talk about beating a dead horse. Take his match with Kane, cut out the third hour, stick it at the end of the second hour, give it the overrun slot and it's still only doing barely above 4 million viewers. It's still shit. If that 2.3 quarter hour for his match with Kane is true then holy fuck. And I think it very obviously does eat at him otherwise he wouldn't bother to retweet all the hate he gets. Cena probably gets ten times as much hate directed at him on his twitter but he ignores it. Punk clearly spends time reading through and then retweeting peoples messages about his inability to draw. Why? Because it obviously bothers him. BUT HEZ WORKIN DA MARKZ RITE??? Whatever.
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