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Re: Classic Wrestling General Discussion & Review Thread

Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart 60 Minute IronMan Match Nassau Coliseum- Long Island, NY 7/9/94

The match starts off with some of mid-90’s heel Owen Hart antics to get the crowd going. A good amount of stalling and complaining to the ref about getting his hair pulled (which never actually happened, of course). Owen gets himself some good heat. More hilarious Owen: Bret and Owen tied up and Owen complains about getting his hair pulled, so the ref breaks it up. Bret gets Owen in armbar, and of course, Owen pulls Bret’s hair and the ref doesn’t see it. Great heel psychology and typical Owen back then.

Lots of chain-wrestling involving the arm-bar and plenty of reversals and counters back and forth. Bret hiptosses Owen out of the ring and Owen begins to walk up the ramp to leave. Bret calls him a wuss, but it doesn’t seem to bother Owen as he continues to walk away. But he finally decides to full on sprint back to the ring right before 10. Awesome.

They get back in the ring, and Owen goes to work on Bret’s back. Little hope spot sees Bret hit the ropes and Owen hits Bret with his classic belly to belly suplex for a nearfall. One of Owen’s trademark moves that I loved. Thirty-six minutes in and Bret gains the first fall when Owen tries a sunset flip, but Bret sits down on Owen and gets the three count.

Owen gets back to work, but this time on the knee. Owen breaks out a couple dragon screw leg-whips on Bret. Owen puts Bret in the figure four, Bret gets to the ropes, but Owen moves him back to force Bret to submit. For the next fall, Owen jumps Bret at the end of the rest period and puts the figure-four on again, forcing Bret to submit. The younger Hart goes up 2-1 about 45 minutes through.

Before the match gets started back up, Owen unties the turnbuckle and throws it. Hebner goes to replace it, and Owen puts Bret back in the figure-four while the ref isn’t looking. The ref is finally back, and they start the fall with Hebner not even knowing that Owen did! Classic heel Owen. Despite this sequence, Bret would still win this fall with the sharpshooter about 54 minutes in. Tied up 2-2.

With just about five minutes left, they go full-speed ahead here. Bret piledrives Owen for a two count. DDT, another two count. Owen hits his trademark enzuigiri for a very, very close three count. Awesome finish with Owen hitting a Tombstone piledriver and headbutt off the top rope. Owen then goes for the Sharpshooter with ten seconds left! The bell rings and Owen claims victory! Unfortunately, Bret never taps out so the match ends in a draw.

Until of course, the match goes to sudden death. Very Wrestlemania 12-ish there…

Sudden Death: Owen jumps Bret from behind and puts him in a bow and arrow. Bret reverses it for a two count. After a mid-ring collision, Bret applies the sleeper. Owen hits Bret in the nuts while the ref isn’t looking. Owen puts Bret in the sharpshooter and it looks like he might tap. But finally, somehow Bret finds the strength to over-power Owen and reverses it and really cranks the shit out of Owen legs. Owen taps out and Bret wins 3 falls to 2.

Analysis: Phenomenal match. Loved seeing 1994 classic heel Owen Hart up to his old shenanigans in this match. They worked like a charm and he generated some real heat for the match. He was very close to the line of people getting frustrated at the stalling at the start, and knew exactly when to stop. Masterful. Attacking Bret during the rest period after distracting the ref by removing the turnbuckle was great psychology, too. Owen was such a great heel in 1994. These were the two best workers in the country in 1994. They worked at a strong pace and did a good job of mixing in some chain-wrestling, brawling, and getting their trademark stuff in. I strongly hope this one is on the Bret Unreleased Matches DVD next year. Call it ****1/4

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