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re: Lockdown Location Announced

Originally Posted by rohisawesome34 View Post
because its the fact that ny and nj has been waiting for a ppv i know trenton got hard justice 4 years ago but weve been waiting tna dont draw for their house shows here because people know theyre never gonna get a ppv so why keep showing up and i agree it would be the same if wwe never had ppvs or tv here. but in my mind somethings telling me it aint gonna be in the ny nj area because of wrestlemania 29 being at metlife stadium in new jersey in april but still thats bs ufc is gonna be at the prudential center in newark 3 weekend after mania 29 on 4-27 so should dana and frank say well wwe and their big show are gonna be here in new jersey so we wont have ufc 158 here in jersey no that would be bs thinking. like i said if tna doesnt do lockdown where i can go im done with tna for good!
UFC and WWE/TNA are not the same bird. But it would be foolish to run Lockdown in that area 2 weeks after WWE and a shit load of Indy feds all run shows (TNA is running a live event or two during that time frame) as well as UFC who is running a show in NJ at the end of April (Jones vs Sonnen).

That equates to a lot of money being spent in the area during that time and TNA does not want to be the odd man out in competing with all the others and not getting a good paying crowd. It's called a smart business decision. Considering the ratings and live event/PPV numbers they draw when outside of Orlando, there is little sense in running a show that close to all the others in the same region.

The only reason the UFC are not worried about running the April show in Jersey is because it's a show that will attract fans from all over the area (NY, PA, CT etc) and has a main event that will sell (likely in the 500-800k PPV buy range).

Originally Posted by rohisawesome34 View Post
oh trust me it would work roh runs nyc 3-4 times a year always gets big crowds, dgusa always big crowds, chikara always big crowds, ufc in new jersey always gets sell out crowds and when they get legalized in new york one day theyll be selling out the arenas here. you need to give other cities a chance texas and arizona had their chances this year now its time to give a ppv to the ny nj tri state area if it doesnt work then dont ever do one here again i gurantee no i bet 20 bucks they sell out if they do a ppv here people here are sick of house shows so thats why they dont buy tickets to go i gurantee they barely draw flies for their mania 29 weekend house shows on li and in nj next april 5-6 which is why i wanted nothing to do with them and am still glad im not going to them. i do blame them their business model sucks and if they dont do lockdown around here not only will i be done but i will letting dixie know on twitter i wish her company sincerely dies in the next 1-2 years its bs!
UFC does not always sell out in Jersey. That's BS. UFC on FOX 3 last year did 10k, in the IZOD which could hold nearly 20k.

Philadelphia is a 2 hour drive, what stopped you from going to BFG in Philly ? I'd bet there is reasons why they have yet to run NYC for a PPV...and just because Hogan and Dixie don't respond doesn't mean they don't care. Maybe NYC is in discussion for another PPV in 2013, or not, time will tell on that. But I would bet that it has been discussed on multiple occasions. Maybe you should have went to the last NYC house show this summer, as Dixie was there and as always interacted with the fans...you could have asked her in person and gotten a straight answer.

You shit on TNA for not running NYC and potentially going to Texas 2x in a calendar year, yet it's perfectly fine for ROH to run 3 IPPV's in NYC this year ? That's a biased opinion don't cha think ? There are plenty of regions that don't get PPV's from WWE/TNA/ROH and UFC, should fans in those regions quit on those companies and wish death upon them ?

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