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Re: Why I Like Flair So Much

Originally Posted by Mike Zybyszko View Post
Matter of opinion. To me both Austin and Rock had "five cliche's of doom" type promos that got stale real quick.

As to Flair, it is very hard to argue against his status as perhaps the best all-around professional wrestler of all time in his prime years.

World titles? Check.

In-Ring skills? Check.
--we are talking about the guy who could go in there and wrestle a broom to at least a 4 star match.

Promos? Check.

Draw? Check.

Longevity? Check.
--over 3000 matches by my estimation, and perhaps hundreds more I don't know about.

Durability? Check.
--never gone long with injury, and even recovered from a broken fuckin back suffered in a fuckin plane crash. Any man that survives a plane crash is a charmed individual.

Legendary matches? Check.
--Steamboat, Windham, Funk, Sting, and many many more.

Willingness to put guys over? Check.
--he's put over almost everybody that mattered in the 1980s and 90s at one point or another.

I refuse to make a distinction as to who the absolute GOAT is because there are several people that have valid claims to that seat. Hogan, Race, Flair, Ed Lewis, Thesz, Gotch, Hackenschmidt, Londos, Sammartino, Rock, Austin, Andre, Backlund, Farmer Burns, William Muldoon, Inoki, Santo, and yes Lawler all have strong cases to make.
Ric Flair had everything to succeed as a wrestler.Randy Savage,Jerry Lawler and Shawn Michaels were the other all-rounders that I have witnessed.It was good of you to mention Backlund among all time greats.He surely is a forgotten legend.

Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post


I absolutely believe that if THE ROCK had never left wrestling and was still there now he would be widley regarded as the GOAT.
Maybe he would have surpassed Austin and perhaps Bruno Sammartino but Hogan would still be the greatest.
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