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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Here's my fantasy of how things should play out.

Brock dominates the Rumble, HHH is a surprise entrant, eliminates Brock, who re-enters and eliminates HHH. Cena enters near the end and wins by eliminating Ryback.

Rock/Punk has a ref bump that see's Rock hit Rock Bottom on Heyman. The Shield attack Rock but Ryback & Mick Foley fend them off. Rock gets the win with The People's Elbow and the WWE Title. Cena arrives during the post match celebration, points at the Wrestlemania banner and is subsequently hit with Rock Bottom.

Vince starts off RAW the night after the Rumble and introduces the new WWE Champion, The Rock. Rock gets a massive ovation. Does his usual shtick. He says he's once again The People's Champion. He says while he may not be here as often, when he is, he gives the people what they want and announces he'll be defending his title in the Elimination Chamber. Cena interrupts to majority boos. He says last night, it appears the better men won. Says he can't wait for Wrestlemania because now, he has even more reason to kick Rock's ass. Punk interrupts, bashes both men and says he should still be champion. Cena tells Punk to shut the hell up. Punk says he originally wanted a rematch with Rock but he'd much rather face Cena and ruin his dream of main eventing WM with Rock for the WWE Title. Cena surprisingly declines.

Later in the show, Brock Lesnar is shown leaving Vince's office. Vince is found unconscious on the floor.

Punk is shown backstage and comes across Eve Torres. Eve asks Punk how does it feel to once again be overshadowed by Cena/Rock. Punk tells her not as bad as the entire arena calling her a "hoeski". Punk then apologizes and tells Eve they have both been repeatedly disrespected by John Cena. He informs her they should extract revenge. Eve reminds Punk that he only digs crazy chicks and walks off. Michael Cole announces HHH will be live next week.

HHH opens the next RAW. Calls out Brock for attacking Vince and challenging Brock to a rematch. Heyman appears and informs him that Brock has nothing to gain by beating HHH again. HHH warns Heyman that if he doesn't get Brock, Heyman would have hell to pay.

Later, Punk cuts a promo in the ring, calling out Cena. Cena arrives and accepts Punk's challenge. The match is made for Elimination Chamber, contendership on the line. Afterwards, AJ & Cena are backstage and AJ questions Cena accepting the challenge. Cena says he's never backed down from a challenge and won't start now. Cole announces that Rock will be defending his title against Alberto Del Rio, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett and Ryback in the chamber.

Next week's RAW is more build up. Eve begins reaching out to Cena but he blows her off. Punk, Heyman & The Shield cut a promo on Cena, saying once again, Cena will fail. Heyman addresses HHH and says Brock is considering his challenge for a rematch.

On the final RAW before Elimination Chamber, Eve still tries to reach out to Cena but is confronted by AJ. This leads to a Diva's title match for Elimination Chamber. The Shield defeat Cena, Daniel Bryan & Kane in the main event, followed by Punk & The Shield laying out all 3 men to close the show.

At Elimination Chamber, Eve retains the Diva's title. Later that night, Eve again tries to reach out to Cena. She wishes him luck in his match tonight. Cena looks surprised but walks off, as Eve has a concerned look on her face. During Punk/Cena, AJ appears at ringside. Cena hits the 5 Moves Of Doom and sets up for AA when Heyman distracts the referee. AJ slides in and gives Cena a low blow, allowing Punk to hit GTS and win the match and the right to face the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania. Cena sits in the ring looking stunned. Rock wins Elimination Chamber, last eliminating Ryback. Afterwards, Punk & The Shield enter the Chamber with Heyman locking it and begin assaulting Ryback & Rock. Punk holds the WWE Title up as the PPV ends.

Night after EC on RAW, Cena comes out, no pandering, no self promotion merchandise. He says he's pride himself over the past 11 years by never saying quit. He then says to never say never and announces he quits. He drops the mic and walks off.

Punk, Heyman & The Shield come out to boast about Punk winning number 1 contendership. Punk reveals the ace up his sleeve, AJ Lee. HHH appears and congratulates Punk on his victory. Heyman interrupts and tells HHH that Brock has turned down his challenge for a match. HHH warns Brock the time will come to fight. Cena is shown leaving the arena when Eve catches up to him. She asks him why is he quitting. Cena says it just feels like the time. Eve tells him there is something she wants to give him before he goes and kisses him. Cena stares at her but gets in his car and leaves. Back live, Rock hits the ring and cuts a promo on Punk about how much must really enjoy an ass whooping. He once again says he'll be around for a while and be champ for a while.

As the build up to WM really kicks in, HHH is running RAW. However, over the course of weeks, many superstars began complaining that HHH is too consumed with his feud with Brock that he can't properly run the show. This causes HBK to return and remind HHH of what Brock did last time. HBK begs HHH to rethink this. He reminds him that he went through the same situation before, with being obsessed in getting a victory. HHH gets upset and tells HBK he can beat Brock. HBK reminds him he said the same thing a year ago.

On Brock's next appearance on RAW, he begins issuing challenges to HHH for another fight. HHH finally appears. He tells Brock he's been thinking and Brock's right, he has nothing to gain by facing him again. Brock begins calling HHH a chickenshit. Brock says he was smart for listening to his boyfriend Shawn, in an attempt to provoke HHH. Brock then begins asking HHH how was Vince doing in the hospital. Then, Brock begins insulting Stephanie, which causes HHH to rush the ring and they begin brawling. Suddenly, Punk & The Shield appear and they all attack HHH. Fans began loudly chanting for Rocky when suddenly the arena goes black. And those familiar bells toll, as the fans go crazy. A video is shown on the screen, with the streak and the names of the victims on the titantron. It stops at 20-0 before jumping to 21-0, with Lesnar's name shown on a tombstone. When the lights come back on, Taker appears in the ring and clears it of The Shield & CM Punk. Brock appears ready to fight as the crowd goes crazy but Heyman convinces him not to. Taker helps HHH to his feet. Taker points at Lesnar, points at the WM banner and makes a throat cutting gesture.

Eventually, Brock accepts the challenge and we have Brock/Taker for WM: NO HOLDS BARRED!!!

A few weeks after what seemed to be a farewell address, Cena appears with no entrance music, no Cena merchandise on and has grown a beard. He interrupts a match between Santino & Ryder vs. 3MB. He grabs the mic and calls out HHH. HHH appears and Cena cuts a rather unique promo where he acknowledges the highlights of his career and low points and even mentions getting booed in his hometown. He says he's not bitter about Punk beating him but he begs HHH to give him another chance and make it a triple threat match. HHH initially refuses, saying it wouldn't be fair to Rock. Cena then gets pissed and says "You know what isn't fair? Busting my ass for this gotdamn company for 11 years. Never getting a day off to rest, never getting to heal injuries and being labeled as the reason why WWE has been below average for the past 7 years. But, I deal with it because I love this business and performing in front of these people. I've lost my wife, I've lost everything. This is all I have, Paul. I need to be in WWE and I need to be in this match. And Paul, I give you my word. If I lose this match and can't win the WWE Title, I'll give the majority of these fans what they want. No more pandering, no more fruity shirts, no more 5 Moves of Doom, no more SuperCena. I'll leave the WWE for good. HHH jokes about it shoulder tackles not counting as moves. HHH then tells Cena, he can't just put him in the match, he has to earn it. Cena asks HHH one more time to put him in the match. HHH says if Cena can defeat a mystery opponent tonight, he's in. Crowd moderately cheers. HHH informs him it will be a handicap match. HHH introduces The Usos. Cena wins the match.

Later, Punk and Heyman appear and are upset. They claim it's all a big conspiracy to keep him away from the belt. Punk vows to overcome the odds and win the belt again. He also dumps AJ Lee and calls her useless.

The usual build up happens and it's time for Wrestlemania.

Undertaker/Brock is brutal. Vince returns and attacks Heyman. Taker wins after 3 consecutive tombstones.

Rock/Cena/Punk. Great match, with Cena showing tons of intensity. Rock hits the People's Elbow on Punk but only gets a 2. Rock attempts Rock Bottom on Cena but Punk intervenes and hits GTS on Cena. Eve Torres comes to ringside, which distracts Punk. Rock manages to hit another Rock Botton on Punk and before the referee can count to 3, Eve pulls the referee out of the ring and gives him a low blow. Rock has his eyes set on Eve but turns back to Cena. Cena attempts AA but Rock counters into a Rock Bottom. HHH is seen running to ringside with another referee, none other than Brad Maddox. Maddox gets to 2 and stops. HHH looks on confused when Eve hits the ring and low blows Rock. At this point, Punk is looking on confused as well. HHH leaves the ring and retrieves a sledgehammer. He grabs Maddox by the collar and asked him was he screwing WWE again, Maddox nearvously said no. Suddenly, HHH nails Punk with the sledgehammer. Now, Cena looks on confused and is in a staredown with HHH when HHH hands him the sledgehammer. Cena then begins assaulting both Rock & Punk with the sledgehammer, as the crowd goes crazy. After a 90 second beatdown of both men, Cena covers Punk and MADDOX COUNTS THE 3??? HHH retrieves the belt, shines it and hands it to Cena and raises his hand, as both look on with big smiles. Afterwards, Cena & Eve share a kiss in the ring as Wrestlemania goes off the air, with Rock & Punk laid out in the ring and Cena, Eve & HHH celebrating.

Basically, this all leads to an angle where Cena & HHH are the target of everybody in WWE. Leaves room for Punk to possibly turn face, Rock getting a rematch as soon as available, a new side to Cena and eventually, Cena, supported by HHH/Undertaker, supported by Vince for WM 30.

So, how do you guys think this sounds? Sorry, it was rather long and I tuned out a few times. Took forever to write.
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