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Originally Posted by El Chapo View Post
Regardless of the things he did in the past, to me, GOAT is HBK.

But at the same time, I can't sit here and ignore The Rock. He accomplished so much inside & outside the business in such a short amount of time. What makes it even better, he didn't use politics to get to the top and from what I've read, has always been about the business and helping put over stars.

There has never been a performer of Rock's stature that you never hear any foul shit about, he's genuinely a nice guy and has done a lot for the business (even more than Hogan). Rock helped elevate HHH (which he shouldn't have done), Mick Foley, Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar, gave Hurricane a big moment and even with his busy schedule, always makes the time to help WWE when they need it most.

So, while I'll always say HBK, I can easily swap him with Rock, simply for what he has done and what he means to WWE. And honestly, I can never rank Rock below Hogan. Just doesn't make sense. Yeah, Hogan took wrestling mainstream but he was replaceable. WWE is struggling to this day, to fill the void left by Rock nearly 10 years ago and he'll be damn near impossible to replace. Hard to find a guy with his size, talent, humbleness and ability inside that ring and respect for the business outside. Easily the most respected star in the business, I can admit that.

imo the rock is GOAT, the simple reason is that he never used politics as u said. I mean look at Austin and hogan, both were into politics and they were well pieces of shit backstage, i to this day cannot imagine how big the rock would be if he never used politics. to think that he is top 3, and arguably the GOAT without any use of politics wat so ever is pretty fucking insane if u ask me. like you said i would never rank hogan above rock even though hogan is synonymous with pro wrestling, the rock is simply BETTER (see what i did there). HBK in my opinion is the GOAT in ring performer, and its even better than hes christian ( am one too).

Originally Posted by swagger_ROCKS View Post
LOL woah, both straps? I don't even think Rock would consider something like that. I mean I wouldn't mind it because I am a HUGE Rock mark, but LOL but I think someone new and well built should unify the titles. And probably have another heel do it, like Cody, or Sandow.
why does the rock have to be such a nice guy, i with he was Hollywood rock IRL or what i mean is that his Hollywood gimmick is how he is in real life, idk i just wish he was an asshole.

this guy is so lucky yet so fucked up ahahah

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