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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by swagger_ROCKS View Post
Rock vs Cena for the title, Cena has done a lot but can't seem to put Rock away, so his expression begins to change with people are chanting "your shit is getting stale" and Cena goes for one more FU, but Rock counters and hits the Rock bottom. Rock can't seem to muster up a pin attempt, so he uses the time to recover, and once he gets to his feet and Cena starts to get up a bit, Randy Orton after winning the WHC off of Sheamus runs down the ramp. Orton hops on the apron and Rock tries to knock him off but misses when he brings his attention back to Cena, Cena hits the rock bottom on Rock.

Cena will then go for the pin and Rock kicks out at 3, Orton then screams "SHIT!!!" and the crowd begins to chant "HEEL TURN, HEEL TURN, HEEL TURN" because we're smarky as fuck. Cena goes to the ropes and says to Orton, "why won't he stay down?" and Orton bites his finger and starts spazzing a bit. Once Cena turns his attention to Rock, Rock hits the spine buster on Cena and does the "U CAN'T SEE ME" gesture to Orton but only with one finger (his middle finger) and Orton is panicking. Rock hits a FIERCE people's elbow on Cena an as the ref is about to count the third pin fall, HHH pulls the ref out of the ring and knocks him out.

When Rock notices what has happened, he looks at HHH with THOSE CRAZY eyes he used to do like "no this big nose ni**a didn't just screw my win". Rock and HHH begin trash talking while HHH is taking his tie off like he wants to fight, then BOOM RKO outta nowhere, then HHH slowly goes into the ring with a smile on his face picks the Rock's dead carcass up and pedigrees him, and then feeds him to Cena for a FU, and then calls Brad fucking maddox to count the pin, but Rock still kicks out . After that Cena beats the hell outta of the Rock with a chair and pins him to win the title.

Before hand HHH beat Punk clean, Orton heel turned on Sheamus, Ryback faced Show to win the WHC, and Brock faced Taker.

The show closes with all 4 on each corner steel post with their arms held high.
evolution 2.0, book the fking show man. that's a gold like booking!! aahahaha ur a beast seriously, btw what will the rock do after that??
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