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Re: Hell according to muslims and christians

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
How many times do I have to say I don't hate the concept of religions? I do think cults like islam and christianity are garbage and they've done more horrid things to the world than good things.You keep on trying to say that its wrong to hate on a religion and that it should be respected,No I do not respect a cult that has the most cruel violent disgusting verses and rules.Should I respect a person's belief if they are Nazis? No.Yes for an atheist I do talk about religion ALLOT,I happen to be one of those guys who talks about things they hate and love allot it just my nature.I don't have to be an atheist to hate religion,I know plenty of deists and agnostics who think most religions are fucking rubbish too.I'm not really being a hypocrite,You just fail to realize that a belief is not always supposed to be respected not if its christianity or Nazi beliefs or islam.My rant wasn't about me fearing hell,It was about me saying that justifying the idea of hell forever to anybody is disgusting cruel and cold.I have a "I'm better than you attitude"? Yeah you are full of shit,I have never stated me being an atheist means I'm more intelligent or better than anybody else and I've never thought of myself as better than anybody for being an atheist.Being an atheist doesn't mean I'm special,It just means I don't believe a deity exists in the first place.You're just butthurt because I won't stop shitting on christianity and I'm assuming you're a christian,Tough for you then because christianity deserves all the mockery and ridicule it gets the same way Nazi or racist beleifs get mockery and ridicule.
No, your posts are full of shit. The only thing you do is posting unpopular stuff to start a conversation but the problem is that you always contradict yourself.
For example when I posted how you post nonsense because an atheist doesn't even care about the existence of hell you post how you rant was never about you fearing hell but look what you posted in the OP
Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
The second reason is because since childhood I've ALWAYS had Hadephobia,For those who don't know what that is its the phobia of hell.The reason I know I have this phobia is because when people talk of the Underworld from Greek Mythology or the Egyptian mythology I never care but when people speak of the forms of hell muslims and christians speak of it will ALWAYS get my attention even though hell to me is as real as Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.I have had my fair share of nightmares about Hell too.
Example #2 that you post controversial garbage only to contradict yourself in the end:
You first posted
Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
Because NOBODY deserves an eternity in hell,Not Hitler not Stalin not rapists not murderers not NOBODY.
there is a big chance that somebody will reply to your post "OMG HOW CAN U SAY THIZ ABOUT HITLER" and that was the reason you posted it but then
Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
Tough for you then because christianity deserves all the mockery and ridicule it gets the same way Nazi or racist beleifs get mockery and ridicule.
First you say that not even Hitler deserves an eternity in hell who was the leader of Nazis but then you compare Christians with Nazi and racists because this is a bad thing.
Tell me, if Christians deserve the same mockery like Nazis does it mean that they should burn also in hell? And because Hitler dont deserve an eternity in hell does it mean that Christians should also not burn forever.
Just your comment where you say that all the bad people like rapists and murderers are actually in hell when you as an atheist should not believe that there is a hell shows how much of a hypocrite and a liar you are with your atheist nonsense.

Last but not least your posts about necrophilia. You first posted how you talked with a girl who likes necrophilia and you have nothing against it and you defended this garbage in this forum in numerous posts only to post that this forum convinced you that this is bad.
Wait a minute, you first defended something so big and it took you only 2 posts in a wrestlingforum to change your mind? WTF?

and btw I am not Christian but you almost had the right answer
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