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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Originally Posted by Gimmicky View Post
If I was booking right now and had to pitch a realistic idea to them I'd say Punk loses at RR with a bit of Cena interference (Cena runs in with a replacement Ref after one has been taken out, Punk gets angry at Cena, Rock gets enough time to mount counter attack) and at E.C Rock has a singles match (maybe in the E.C Chamber against someone, maybe Bryan) and at WM, through Punk's insistence and rematch clause and Cena pulling Cena shenigans ("I reall want a shot Vince!") it's a triple threat.

They all fight, towards the end Cena tries to AA Rock only for Punk to low blow him. Rock and Punk square off, Punk clearly preparing for a Rock Bottom, however Cena is staggering up, they exchange a glance and double Rock Bottom Cena and end up getting a double pin-fall. GM comes out and says match will continue sans Cena, however as ref goes to restart Cena takes him out and hits an AA on unprepared Rock. Punk and Cena exchange glances, nod, Punk hits a GTS and the pair head up to top turnbuckles, then at the same time Cena does a "You can't see me gesture!" and Punk his "Best in the World" stance. Punk elbow drops and Cena fist drops and match is about to restart. Punk hits a Rock Bottom 1.. 2.. 2.5... Rock manages to get his arm up only for Punk to grab it, lock in the Anaconda Vice. Rock passes out and Punk gets to win the title.

It's not a full heel turn from Cena, Punk gets the moment he's earned, Rock doesn't look weak,
enough boxes checked.

Now back to the real world Punk is not closing mania not now and not ever specially with The GOAT and Lesnar in the same card

There are only two scenarios in RR either Punk gets the biggest moment of his career by getting pinned clean by the great one or he retains by Lesnar helping him.


Originally Posted by Rock316AE View Post

No problem bro, just thought it can be used a lot, especially now when The GOAT is coming back to be the Shark of greatness in the middle of a sea of mediocrity :Rock
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