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Re: Hell according to muslims and christians

Originally Posted by kobra860 View Post
I hate the Dallas Cowboys but you don't see me making multiple threads about them. Just saying.
You can make threads bitching about why you hate them,Nothing wrong with that.

Originally Posted by Striker View Post
Is it that hard to realize that hell is used to steer people from doing bad things? Obviously you wouldn't want to spend an eternity their, so you be a good person.

Your brain is a powerful thing. Use it.
Are you saying some people don't actually believe hell exists? Because thats just stupid.

Originally Posted by AJBurnett View Post
Yeah, not 'great', the main things being: why did you - an atheist - ask your friend - a christian - for justification of being a 'good person'?

Summing up the whole 'rant': Why are you annoyed at this 'idea' so much if you don't have any faith in 'Hell'?
I'm only bitching because this "idea" is extremely popular when it shouldn't be popular,Its fucking cold and merciless to believe anybody deserves hell forever.

Originally Posted by overcompensating tryhard View Post

You let these clowns influenced you that Necrophilia is wrong. Fucking carcasses is hardly anything to be considered to be taboo when fucking carcasses is like fucking a pillow. They're not living things.
These? Only one guy was able to convince me against necrophilia while everyone else was just making themselves look stupid.Dunk20 pretty much convinced me and brought good arguments as to why the act itself should be a taboo,I'm still not going to judge necrophiliacs but the act of necrophilia itself is not really "safe" and it would hurt others so I'm guessing Dunk20 is right and I won't bother and argue otherwise.

Originally Posted by Hit-Girl View Post
This is just all a TROLL attempt by God. When you die and go to heaven, Hitler will be having coffee with Elvis and Ghengis Khan will be playing dominoes in over in the corner with St Christopher.
Judaism's afterlife results are somewhat like this from what I've heard,Which is why I'm not complaining from Jews.
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