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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

The Shield is one of the most exciting storylines they have had since the Summer of Punk. Other storylines may have been good and worth watching, but this storyline is a great way to introduce new stars to the audience. So far, so good as many of you are saying. The WWE hasnít had the greatest track record in executing these types of storylines and many fans are worried about this being a way to feed Ryback or maybe a repeat of Nexus, who were brought in as a threat and over time just completely destroyed to the point of no return by a guy like John Cena. One great piece of leverage that creative has is that this isnít the Nexus; all three men are different and capable of making their own individual impact. These arenít a bunch of rookies with one leader whoís a rookie himself; these are three wrestlers with a long history in professional wrestling (Reigns more by association, but you get the point.)

Iím excited about this storyline, but Iím worried as all of you are about them screwing it up. More members could overshadow and complicate things, maybe even make the group look weaker by comparison. If they happen to be working for Punk, which I hope they arenít, then let it just be Punk, Heyman, Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns. Donít add Ohno, Langston, Graves or anybody else from NXT into the group, just leave it at the five that you have there. If Heyman is involved, why are they consistently attacking Ryback? Brad Maddox. Remember that little conversation that ultimately led no where between Heyman and Maddox? This could be the outcome of that conversation. While I hope that Maddox isnít going to be involved in the group, it would certainly make a lot of sense.

Either way, the WWE is finally moving in the right direction.
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