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Re: WWE 2011: Success Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Smackdown Feedback

Don’t think I’ve ever read a full show from you so I was very much looking forward to this!

Anyways, on with it…Edge starting things out is a good way to go and I really liked the route you took here. Quite often you see guys run down their opponent and tick off why they are NOT a threat but you going the opposite route was refreshing and adds some credibility to Rhodes as a challenger.

Rhodes was all kinds of awesome here, had me cracking up. The line about the 18-34 demographic was gold and I loved the way he interacted with the crowd, was something different and a very enjoyable read. The constant DASHING remarks and everything about it was just total Cody Rhodes, I could buy it immediately which was great. Pretty sudden way to round it off with Edge’s attack, expected to hear a bit more from the champion but I guess it made sense. Really enjoyable opening and the main event stipulation with Cody is an interesting one made by T-Long, still expect he’ll get involved.

Solid contest here in the opening match and a nice victory for Kaval. Always wanted to see how well he would’ve done in real life so hopefully you can give him a decent push at least.

Bryan interview was pretty standard. The passage where he talked about what he was gonna do felt a bit long and uninspiring, like I’d have had him really put some emphasis on certain things or make it sound a real big deal, whereas it simply sounded a bit monotone just reeling off a few things here and there. You did exactly that in the next passage though with the ‘Hi Miz!’ line, loved that. Bryan/Ziggler has cracker written all over it.

Been enjoying the Drew/Trent stuff since this thread began and this was all a little prelude into later, done its job and looking forward to the arrival of Miss Lee on the scene.

Strong match as expected between these two, some real enjoyable action and it’s most certainly a big win for D-Bry to take back to Raw. I’m not all that keen on it to be honest as a SD guy losing to a Raw guy on SD doesn’t particularly sit well but I am looking forward to how this plays out now on Raw with that number 30 spot up for grabs.

hahahaha, that is all.

Drew’s part to kick off this promo was pretty good. Bringing up the McMahon stuff is always a good move, shame that never amounted to anything in the real world. Character was pretty much spot on and likewise with Trent when he came out, not a whole lot to be said but what was said was spot on and I loved AJ’s little line, made me chuckle, already making her out to be a crazy bitch. Big time announcement from T-Long and pretty certain Trent’s got this in the bag.

Of course he has. As soon as I saw Reks I knew it was game over, not that Reks was a jobber or anything . Big win for Trent in what was a much more competitive match than I had initially anticipated and that No Holds Barred match next week should be a stormer.

Not a lot to be said about the Del Rio interview. I wasn’t that into it, purely because I’d rather you didn’t go the whole destiny route he took in real life but if you are then I hope you do it better than they did. Should be a good main event.

Masters and Mysterio versus JTG and Kane is about as random a tag team match as I can remember lol. It was a decent one though and it’s nice to see Masters getting a victory. 619 into a Masterlock would actually be pretty sweet so props on that. Guessing these guys are gonna float around until the Rumble’s over and done with which is nothing too major.

I think Edge and Del Rio would’ve been a really strong main event but no worries with you recapping it, totally understandable. Bit surprised that Edge won it clean, expected Rhodes to maybe get involved despite Teddy’s threats. Big win for the champion though and gives him some momentum whilst the little mind games felt a bit sudden to close the show but were definitely well executed.

On the whole an enjoyable read for sure. Opening promo was very good, probably the highlight for me. Edge/Rhodes has been a lot more fun than I anticipated and Cody’s looking strong heading into the Rumble. Other than that near enough everything advanced well and there was some good action, particularly with Trent and D-Bry/Ziggler. Looking forward to Raw now, especially who takes 30 in the Rumble. Keep up the good work.
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