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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

That's a pretty big fucking drop for hour 3? Besides Punk/Kane and the overrun (if that counts towards the third hour) with Punk/Ryback/The Shield, what the fuck was in that quarter? Cena/Ziggler ended right as the quarter began. I know Sheamus/Cesaro was right off that match, though it didn't start the hour. Besides that I completely forget what took place. Sandow/Ryder I can't remember what place it was in, and same with Bryan/Mysterio.

Fuck it though, three hours is too long and that's no new story, but the fact the third hour dropped off so much shows Cena is still the main draw of the show after all and what most fans seem to tune in for... though we won't know for sure how everything did, but there's no way Punk's match with Kane did the best number of the night, and same with the overrun... at least I don't think it's possible with the difference unless one of the quarters in hour 3 was extremely low. TBH it wouldn't surprise me if some people (maybe not enough to completely account for how many average wise tuned out the third hour, but still maybe only took away more) was if the far majority did vote for Punk/Bryan and when Punk/Kane was announced, they had no interest to see the match. I had no interest to see the match either, but I did stay tuned to see what would happen with The Shield. However they are getting repetivie, doing virtually the same ending for the third time in a row (not the exact same though as this week they didn't put him through a table, but they all attacked and destroyed Ryback).

Only the quarter hours will tell us what is really to blame. I have a feeling that what really hit rock bottom for the show, if it was in the third hour, was Sandow/Ryder. Sandow hasn't been a good ratings guy (fucking ignorant people :hhh ), but Ryder has especially been a ratings loser in the past on several different occasions, including being a part of one or two overruns that lost viewers.

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