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Re: 11/30 Smackdown, Main Event & SMS Spoilers

CM Punk was in a worse position then Sandow in 09-10 what happened to him?
As somebody who constantly complained, excessively and extensively about Punk's de-push in 09-10, no, it wasn't anywhere NEAR as bad as what Sandow is going through. At least Punk, even though he was a total geek was still a 3 time world champion, had built some semblance of a name for himself and was constantly in high profile matches. Sandow is jobbing on random episodes of Main Event, Raw, SmackDown, and struggling to get on PPV. So far, his only appearances have been in multi mans. That's pathetic.

Besides, WWE THEMSELVES didn't do ANYTHING to remedy the situation with Punk. Punk got over because he did something on his own, he came up with a fake list of grievances that Vince approved for him to air on Raw, then he said what he really wanted, and the people weren't prepared for it, they went apeshit and the rest is history. That won't work again, not to mention, not everybody should be shooting on the company. They aren't just magically, on their own, going to change their opinion of Sandow without cause.

Originally Posted by TD Stinger View Post
Ah, is someone upset. It's basic fucking logic dumbass. People will take him more serious in close loss to John Cena than some lame squash win. Believe it or not, Not every fucking fan has the same warped mind that you do that losing to John Cena (the fucking face of the company) and a couple matches that no one will remember in a month (except you) will ruin him.
Oh, really, who did you poll to get this information from? Wake up, you don't get more credible from losing. There's one instance, EVER, in the entire history of wrestling where somebody got more credible by losing. ONE TIME. EVER. This is not a thing that just....happens. I swear to God, people like you are completely to blame for why nobody on this roster gets over. FEED EVERYONE TO THE STARS, IT DOESN'T MATTER, NOBODY REMEMBERS. Yes, it does matter, that's why when they do push somebody, they don't get over because they've been conditioned to not take them seriously. BRILLIANT.

Otunga? are you kidding me. The only time he was in the ring w/ Cena was when he was Johnny Ace's henchman. He was just a soldier for Laurinaitis. WWE put him against Cena so Cena could one up Laurinaitus. They put Sandow against him to see how he would fare against the face of the company.
Oh, so it doesn't count now that it goes against your argument? Why, how ridiculously convenient. What about Tensai, he sure benefitted from being in the ring with Cena, didn't he?

If I cared enough, I could find a whole list of names that got nothing off facing Cena. You're lucky I really don't want to waste the effort.

Wow. You're the only person to come out and say "Cody was supposed win but it was changed the day of the event." Where in the blue hell was that even reported? Honestly, for someone who makes fun of people for believing in the dirt sheets, you're either freakin gullible or just making shit up as you go along. But then I guess I shouldn't be surprised. You're the guy who bitched at WWE b/c they didn't debut Ambrose on Raw 1000 b/c an internet report said they MIGHT debut new talent and thout it was a Press Release.
I don't make fun of anyone for believing the dirt sheets, don't know where you got that from. Besides, I only don't believe dirtsheets when there's no evidence. Dirtsheets aren't always wrong, in fact a lot of the times they're right. Need I remind you dirt sheets predicted a massive push for Ryback and the NXT trio being called "The Shield" before the group was announced. That's only two examples of several.


The only time the dirtsheets really need to be criticized is when they say things like "Triple H is high on Michael McGillicutty", and obvious lie if there ever was one, because it has evidence against it.

Honestly. You are the only one making a big deal of this. In a month, you will be the only one who will even remember that he lost a couple of matches. Get the fuck over it. When he's losing dark matches, and barely appearing on TV, bitch then.
Well, that shouldn't take long, so I will.

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