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Re: 11/30 Smackdown, Main Event & SMS Spoilers


Originally Posted by CM12Punk View Post
How is Sandow being buried? By losing to a former WHC, the current IC champion, and the face of the company? Some burial.
Yes, by losing to everybody he faces. Why does he HAVE to lose? Couldn't he just....I don't know, NOT face those guys? You don't see Cesaro taking clean pinfalls every fucking week, do you?

Originally Posted by TD Stinger View Post
I'm not talking about his booking, genius. I'm talking about making him look like more of a threat in the fans eyes.
What? That's what booking IS.

How does this match with Cena change how the fans percieve him? Show me evidence, show me fans that say that they take Damien Sandow more seriously because he fought John Cena. Go find me the evidence and don't even try coming back until you do, or otherwise, stop making up such ridiculous BS.

And anyway, it doesn't matter what the fans see Sandow as to begin with because the fans opinions don't matter, all that matters is what Vince thinks. If the fans opinions counted, it would be Daniel Bryan having the year long title reign.

You act like it's the end of the world b/c the guys loses a couple matches and looks a little weak. The guy could go from jobbing for the rest of the year to being a WHC contender in 2013. It's WWE. It happens a lot. The fact that Sandow is even in the same ring as John Cena 6 months into his run is a huge blessing. It's that little thing called a rub which Sandow will get b/c fans see him w/ the face of the company. It's those kind of rubs that will help him along the way.
Oh, yes, the "rub". You're right, I completely forgot about all those times David Otunga was in the ring with Cena. Look at how he blossomed into a main eventer.

Oh, wait, that didn't happen.....

Give me a break. You don't get anything from merely being in the same ring as a star. All that matters, all anyone cares about, all anyone remembers, all the company cares about is who wins, who loses. I GUARANTEE you WWE did not book Sandow with Cena because they thought that by doing so, they would help Sandow's career. I absolutely, 100% guarantee it. And let's be honest, beyond anything else, what really, really matters is what happens on PPV, and what happened to Sandow? The first guy eliminated on Team Ziggler, before even Otunga. That's what they think of him. Within 2 to 3 minutes, GONE, and this is PPV. That was Damien Sandow's equivalent of 18 seconds, and it showcases EXACTLY what the company thinks of him.

Anyone "could" go from jobbing to being a world title contender but that simply isn't going to happen. Right now, the sensible MITB pick, based on the consistency of his push would be Cesaro, so I don't know how exactly Sandow's gonna contend, and even if someone else wins, it's not gonna be him.

Sheamus was the biggest "geek" (as you put it) in WWE two years ago and now is one of WWE's golden boys. Ziggler was jobbing to Brodus Clay months ago and now has beaten Orton twice in one week and feuding w/ John Cena. I don't care that he is losing right now. History has proven that he could go from mid card jobber to a main eventer in a flash.
Sheamus was ALWAYS a golden boy, the only reason he was jobbed out was because he was in contract negotiations. As for Ziggler, Randy Orton is nobody, so who cares? They put people like Barrett over Orton, and look at what kind of grim future he has. Yeah, he got lucky winning MITB because WWE changed their mind on Cody Rhodes winning the day of the show, which was the original plan, he's still not gonna hold it long and this feud with Cena isn't much of a feud, it's only happening because Vickie is involved in a storyline with Cena.

Originally Posted by R.K.O Peep View Post
How is he being buried? He lost to the face of the company!!! . Why should they change everything for sandow. He is a good mid card talent but no way should he get rocketed to the moon.

And before your being up ryback or sheamus two wrongs don't make a right
Two wrongs certainly do make a right. You can't justify in ANY way two horrible talents getting main event pushes (especially for the REASONS they're getting it) and one amazing talent being squandered. You just can't.

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