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Re: Sons of Anarchy: Season 5 (Discussion Thread, SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by TKOK! View Post
CIA doesn't need the SOA anymore right? shouldn't be much in the way of Clay dying.

I want to know more about the guy who beat up Otto. I believe he's the brother of the nurse otto killed.
TKOCK! seeing the future and shit, doesn't surprise me. Nice call on that one mate!! I envy you because whenever I predict what will happen on a TV show, it's always something completely different, especially with shows like Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, or Homeland. It wasn't obvious but there weren't many other options as to who the guy that beat up Otto was. Interesting to see what he has planned, whether he goes after Otto, Tara, Jax, or all three... I'm sure he'll cause some problems for them, maybe even the entire MC. And with that guy supposedly being a retired US Marshall, who knows what kind of connections he has that could hurt the club since he knew about the whole RICO deal.

Clay getting the SAMCRO Charming tats all blacked-out was pretty crazy also. It reminds me of that dude from back in Season 1 who they had kicked out of the MC years before but he had yet to remove his SAMCRO back tat so they decided to burn that fucker off. With them "removing" Clay's tats and the return of Chucky a couple seasons ago and the return of Wendy last season. I would like to see them reference some more stuff that happened in Season 1 during the upcoming final seasons, like what ever happened with that one MC that they made turn to a Sons of Anarchy MC? Or what ever happened to that one mechanic who was/used to be a junkie that worked in the garage at Teller-Morrow, the one whose father was killed by Clay years before Season 1 and who Clay almost killed during Season 1.

With supposedly two more seasons left with Season 7 being the last, I would love too see the return of Zobelle so Jax or Clay (if alive still in Season 7) finally get their revenge on him. Since they killed Weston and left Zobelle alive in that grocery store by himself because Abel had been kidnapped at the end of the Season 2 finale, it always leaves the possibility of his return to Charming possible.

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