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NFL Mafia - The Quest for the Lombardi Trophy - Night Two

For a league built on parity, it seems like the same old franchises keep winning the elusive Super Bowl title. Well, the losers have had enough. One of them in particular really had enough. He tried to do something about it. He tried...he failed. The loser. He was...

Spoiler for Mikey Damage:
Welcome to NFL Mafia, Mikey Damage, you are the CINNCINATI BENGALS - Losers Aligned

Win condition: You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.

Role: Boss.

Flavor: Self explanatory.

Can the rest of town continue on the quest for the title that has evaded many of them? We shall see. Good luck.

The Rules
1. Don't be a douchebag. Seriously, keep personal insults to a minimum. Critize play, not the player.
2. Do not directly quote, screenshot or paste your role PM in the thread. This will get you modkilled.
3. Day phases will last anywhere between 18-36 hours, depending on activity.
4. Night phases will last between 18-24 hours. This is enough time to get your role in.
5. All role PMs should explain what your role can or cannot do.
6. Feel free to send in night role actions early.
7. There is no restriction as to when you can or cannot claim your role.
8. Roles and flavors may or may not make sense. Don't read too much into them.
9. Please have fun, and keep any criticism until after the game has completed

Alive Players
1) MDP and Ziggler Mark
7) Stax
10) McQueen and Kenny
13) Cloverleaf
18) big man and AlexHumph
24) Lawls and Tat

Dead Players
Ziggler Mark - Mid-day 1 - 3-shot Watcher
Hit-Girl - Night 1 - 1-shot Lightning Rod / Night 2 - Roleless
PacoAwesome - Night 1 - 3-shot Hider

Nov - Day 2 - Framer
chr1st0 - Night 3 - Note Passer
Rush - Night 3 - 1-shot Lynch Stopper
Dan The Marino - Night 3 - Bodyguard

Skyfall - Day 4 - 1-shot Recruiter/Usurper
TaylorFitz - Night 4 - Rolecop

King Kenny - Night 4 - 3-shot Cop
Roger Sterling - Day 5 - Godfather
Magic - Night 5 - Bomb
DocBlue - Night 5 - Odd-night Vig

CamillePunk - Day 6 - Serial Killer
Impulse - Night 6 - Actor
sXe - Day 7 - Bus Driver
Titania - Night 7 - Roleblocker

The Replacements

The Phases
Day One
Mid-day One
Night One
Day Two
Early Night Two
Night Two
Night Three
Day Four
Night Four
Day Five
Night Five
Day Six
Night Six
Day Seven

Hope I didn't fuck anything up. 36 hours. Max. Go.

It is Day One...

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