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Re: What the fuck is wrong with some of these people?

I swear, some of the WWE section posters must have radar.

Anytime a thread mentions the words "Austin", "Rock" or "GOAT", they come flying in with made up facts as to why either is the GOAT. And even worse, the OP in that thread had nothing to do with either man. Even worse, I hate when those retards act like because they can read Wikipedia and repeat shit, it makes them much smarter than everybody else, yet they construct a post with dozens of grammatical errors but have the nerve to call someone else dumb for not having the same retarded opinion.

And that is why I feel Rock316AE is better than all those phaggots. Eventually, if you provide facts to combat his argument, he'll just ignore you. The rest of those blowpops only dig up more lies & rewrite more history to support their dumb argument. And when you provide the facts to show their wrong, they come up with another piece of information that's even more flawed than their original statement.

I see why some of you only hand out here & in the anything section. It's like the WWE section is full of 13 year olds who can't spell, still believe wrestling is real and feel every storyline should be based on some bullshit PPV they created on No Mercy.

And SVET has long been proven as a dumb ass but now, he took it to another level. Everybody has opinions but only a retard or 9 year old would rank Cena above Hogan as GOAT.
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