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Re: Who Makes Next WWE Game?

Well i voted for 2k , but there are two sides of the medal as always , one side is that their games , nba , apl (all pro football) which they stopped making of obvious reasons etc. are far and far ahead from their opponents , in terms of being realistic , they actually care about their customers , they do fix their game with patches etc etc. But on the other hand , im not sure if they ever had a fighting game ? Starting everything from a scratch would be hard and would take like 2-3 years to make it good imo . EA is 2nd good option but again with 2 sides , 1 is that their EA MMA game was really good IMO , the engine they used was really good imo , the fighting itself was very fluid and looked realistic , it had its own issues but it was their first MMA game so yeah , the only thing it lacked was depth and it was for obvious reasons , because most of the licenses were taken by THQ . On the other hand EA sports get very very very lazy when they dont have any opponents to their game and there are 2 perfect examples of it , first one is NBA live , they always made the game good , until 06 when they made complete shit , yet after that people still bought the game next year like it was no problem , from that moment the game went only worse and worse imo , because they realised they can put less effort and i guess money in the game and still get profit and that all went well until 2k destroyed them completely and they dont even have this game anymore , second example is madden , the game is complete trash if you compare it to APL (all pro football again) 2k5 or 2k8 which was ironically made by 2k , but 2k stopped making football games because of the nfl license owned by ea , so year after year they keep making a trash game , with some improvements of course and people who are fans of football or fans of the series itself will keep buying it because they have no other choice . Either way i think both of those companies would do better than THQ .
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