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Re: Official The Rock WWE Championship Discussion

Which gimmick you guys think the Rock should follow when he returns?
1998-mid 1999 - Heel - Comedian jock - Nation of Domination/Corporate Rock - This was the time when Rock made his catchphrases,he used to come up with something new every time,the crowd was always eager to see him talk.He said his catchphrases and at the same time act cocky when crowd used to sing along.This was the time when he got a huge baby face appeal.

Mid 1999-mid 2000 - face - Comedian Jock - Classic Rock - Due to him being heel he didn't get enough freedom to use his catchphrases and use it in a right way,as he was so over and popular with the fans and as the fans were so desperate to sing along with him,WWF turned him into a face.His catchphrases were so popular that the word SMACKDOWN was added in the Webster's dictionary,he said his catchphrases in almost every segment and crowd loved to sing along,Crowd just paid to sing along with him and see his attitude in his catchphrases,his catchphrases were as hot as Hulk Hogan's hulking up in 1984.

Mid 2000-2002 - Face - Iconic Rock - The repetition of catchphrases started getting mundane,crowd roars started to decline,in order to save him from getting stale,WWF turned him iconic.They increased his charisma and stopped the repetition of catchphrases except 'If you smell' and 'Finally the Rock has come back'.It worked perfectly.Crowd roars became louder and louder.From mid 2000-01 he spoke very less on mic just to freshen his character.From 2001-mid 2002 he was back to cutting long promos but without the repetition of catchphrases with his heavy and filled with attitude voice and it worked perfectly with the fans.

2003 - Heel - Hollywood Rock - Hollywood sellout scary cat - Due to him being booed on various occasions,he was turned into a heel and given the Hollywood sellout gimmick.This is one of the best heel gimmicks I have ever seen.He losing his faith on the people who were his backbone made him no longer the people's champion.And he turned into a scary cat always scared of strong wrestlers who he was unsure of beating.Him mocking the crowd and at the same time trying to suck up to them and demand respect worked perfectly.

2011-12 - Face - Corny Rock - A mixture of his Hollywood Gimmick and heel Comedian Jock Gimmick - This was done to put Cena over on the mic so I don't really care about this one.I am not considering this,it was horrible.

2013- Face -??????
What do you think would be his next gimmick?

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