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Default Re: The Walking Dead Season 3 discussion thread

Originally Posted by WWCturbo View Post
Daryl and Merle are too different to be on the same side now. Daryl is a decent guy whereas Merle is a douchy dog looking out for himself, I doubt Merle would settle down and join Rick's group (the same guy who left him on the roof ha ha) and Daryl would never join The Governor. If Merle joined Rick's group he'd be Shane #2.
Merle has been asking The Governor for his brother many times,Its clear Merle still cares for Daryl and that itself shows he's still got good in him wither he's a douchebag good guy there is a chance the guy can side with Rick's group.Also Merle isn't really with the Governor,Lying to him and telling him Michonne died shows how he isn't really loyal to The Governor.I'd much rather watch Merle die off protecting his brother rather than watch him die the as the typical big bad brother because the big bad evil brother act is too cliche if you ask me.

Originally Posted by CamillePunk View Post
Michonne is still dull as fuck. Nice ass though.
This is extremely accurate,All of it.
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