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Re: The Shield Discussion Thread

Thought all 3 men did very well. Played their roles well. Ambrose was very good in the interview. Like other have said, he was very calm but you could tell that he was trying to get across in the audience's minds "huh, there is something off w/ this guy." Rollins was very good as well. He was very believable and sounded very calm. I am w/ the majority that he will turn face eventually and feud w/ Ambrose and/or Reigns. Reigns did what he needed, and looked like a bad ass doing it. Going forward, as far as talking goes, it should Ambrose doing 50%, Rollins doing 40%, and Reigns doing 10%.

Also, a question: Anyone think The Shield might challenge for the Tag Team Championship? Think about it. They went after Kane and Bryan. The teams have beef w/ each other. They have a reason to fight each other. It was rumored that Kane & Bryan would defend their belts against SinSterio and The PTPs in a ladder match. Why not add The Shield (most likely Rollins and Ambrose) and make it a Four Way.

Also, one small thing I noticed. During the main event Reigns appeared by himself while Rollins and Ambrose appeared together. This makes me believe that these two will be somewhat of a tag team while Reigns again is the enforcer.

What do you think of my prediction?

Originally Posted by x78 View Post
Rollins is a natural face whose biggest strength is his in-ring connection with the crowd, he didn't really suit a heel promo like that but he did alright IMO.
Agreed. He did fine and I have no doubt he will continue to do fine as a heel. But his biggest strength is as a face. W/ his natural connection w/ the crowd and amazing and wild in ring ability, he could be that next Jeff Hardy type of face.

Originally Posted by Taker-Tribute-Act View Post
For a change, WWE played that perfectly. Ambrose seemed slightly unhinged and confrontational, Rollins came across as being very articulate with a fire burning inside him and Reigns just seemed completely intimidating, apart from the stupid look on Cole's face at the end.

Originally Posted by David Banner View Post
What i really liked on Raw was while they was beating Kane down and Ryback's music hit they didn't run off in a cowardly heel fashion. They stood there like "alright bring it on motherfucker" and took him on.
Loved it as well. The WWE camera team did a great job there. As soon as Ryback's music hits, they close up to Punk's face w/ The Shield waiting for him right behind Punk. Laughed my ass off when Punk jumped over the barricade. Just the way he did it was so funny.

Originally Posted by WashingtonD View Post
This angle stinks so far. PG crap.
What does PG have to do w/ this? Seriously, dumb comment.

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