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I wouldn't worry about McQueen's comment in all honesty. I mean it's totally random if someone is a miller or not and saying that you think you're a miller is a pointless. It's not a justifiable defense to say, "See I said I thought I was a miller." if someone gets a guilty on you. Thinking that you're a miller isn't backed up by any type of solid information so saying that you think you're a miller shouldn't have any impact on people's reactions to a guilty cop results on someone.

Voting for Ziggler for doing the same thing he does every game is pretty stupid as well. Every single game he says, "Damn I'm town again." And now he says it this game and apparently he's lying this time. I'm keeping my vote where it is and I see that nobody has the courage to follow me against Christo or Nov. I explained reasoning, nobody responded to my reasoning, and everyone just basically ignored what I said. Nobody has yet to explain to me how I was fishing for a cop.
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