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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (Wake me up when November ends :'()

Originally Posted by Cookie Monster View Post
Of course it was hissing. They do it all the time as do Chelsea. I mean West Ham were trying to get a chant to do with Hitler going but it was quickly quietened down by the stewards. It's funny though as West Hams owners are Jewish
Where you there? Because the lad giving his account is as trustworthy as they come (given he's in a fairly prominent position as a self-titled author and working closely with the FSF I highly doubt he'd get involved in denying anti-semitic chants). Spurs, West Ham, Chelsea and Arsenal all love to do the 'ssshhhhhhhhhhh' sounds at away games to mimick the home support being quiet. Can I prove every West Ham fan there today is innocent? Nope. But I'll take the word of someone in the middle of it all that its being misinterpreted by the media over someone not there at the time and going off of hearsay.

The Lazio chants were in very poor taste, but its football. No-one should be surprised that cuntish chants are getting sung at football games, especially derbies. Is it pathetic? Yep. But its part and parcel of the game and really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

Originally Posted by Irish Jet View Post
If you start singing in Old Trafford outside of the Stretford End, you're more than likely going to be asked to shut up.
The Stretford End isn't even safe these days, especially since they put corporate seats in the upper half of the lower tier. Tier 2 is about as reliable as it gets for standing and singing, but the roof traps most of the noise in and the only other bunch having a go are in K Stand at the other end of the ground and can't hear/join in at the same time.

Speaking of K Stand, its a shame what's happened to that section. There are still some old school lads having a go but so many people in that area now are the sort who aren't arsed with singing.

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