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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (Wake me up when November ends :'()

Originally Posted by WWE_TNA View Post
Some people just like to sit and enjoy the game and cba chanting etc unless your team scores or something big happens in the game, now if you're an away fan and you just sit their then it's much worse but i understand alot of the home fans don't plus alot of families etc at games scattered around grounds not sure how many english fans these days have sections just for your male adults and late teens that would create an atmosphere in that section.
I appreciate not everyone wants to sing and support their team at football, but I'll forever be stumped as to why anyone would pay a lot of money to sit in silence for 90 minutes. It really does bemuse me for the most part. I can understand as people get older they prefer to take it easy, but seeing people in their prime years on their phones/chatting shit/doing nothing just feels pointless to me. Christ its why we should have specific sections for people to congregate and sing. Everyone wins in that scenario.

Someone I know who was at the West Ham game today said he got pulled over and threatened by a copper for taking a picture of the copper filming fans. Despite the fact the copper defended himself by saying what he was doing went to public protection he still took the time to try and intimidate a football fan to put his camera away. This is why I hate a lot of coppers who police football matches. For every sound person able to employ common sense you get idiots with a pre-determined hatred for football fans and who see them as animals who need rigorous policing.

Also there's some allegations West Ham fans were hissing and making anti-semitic taunts today. The guy in question rubbished the claims saying it was just your standard 'ssshhhhhhhhh' that away fans do to taunt home fans when there's no noise. Something a lot of the London supports regularly do including Spurs fans themselves. I'm aware someone may cite the guy as being biased but he's a sensible fan who dedicates a lot of time to helping fans who have been mistreated by police in seeking compensation and is the last type of guy to defend a fellow West Ham fan if he was making anti-semitic taunts.

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