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Re: John Cena v Undertaker - I Quit Match *dream match*

Originally Posted by ZigglerYMCMB View Post
Hello all. This is my first post on these forums. I've joined because I'd mainly like to hear your thoughts on the idea of John Cena v The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 with the stipulation of an "I Quit" Match. I'll be honest my main goal is the hope that someone within the WWE reads these forums and bring forth the idea to creative.

I've quickly glanced at a few posts and read the reports of Cena v Rock II. Punk v Taker. I do agree, they'd both be matches i'd like to see. Even though Rock v Cena was/has been advertised as "once in a lifetime".

Shawn Michaels and HHH have raised the bar for matches against The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. With the WWE building up that The Undertaker's streak has never been in more jeopardy every WM. But, what I put forward to you. What about John Cena, with his accolades: RR winner, MITB, 10x WWE Champ and maybe the most important fact/statistic, that he has stayed true to his slogan, "Never give up". He hasn't submitted since 2003. Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle are the only two superstars to make him tap. Do you see where I am going with this?

Undertaker's undefeated streak against John Cena's "Never give up" gimmick

This is going off my main aim of just getting you to respond to this dream match. But how would WWE creative build up the two? Would they both be face - like Rock/Cena last WM? Who would win, could you imagine John Cena going against everything he stands for and giving in. What about Undertaker saying "I Quit" and putting an end to his WM streak?

Also settle for Last Man Standing match. Interested in your feedback. Positive and/or negative.

* Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, if so please move the thread to the correct one.
Bad idea.

The Undertaker's last 6 Wrestlemania matches were all classics, but his last 4 really indicated he put more emphasis on in-ring psychology than ultra in-ring physical work like he did against Edge & Batista. He displayed moves with HBK & HHH that led the crowds to believe The Streak could end at any moment (that's the 2 key words here), which was why the crowds reacted greatly and his last 4 WM matches were as great as they were (especially at WM 25 which was unreal).

Booking it in I Quit will absolutely rob this whole magic because the fans know it can only end in one moment, not any moment. No one will wonder if Cena will kick out of a Tombstone, or react when Cena AA Taker three times or even reverse a Tombstone, simply because they know it won't be the end of the match due to the rules.

I Quit can only work with intense physical work, like Bret/Austin & Rock/Mankind displayed. In-ring psychology is useless in I Quit. Which is why as great as Rock/Mankind & Bret/Austin are, the crowds' reactions in their match aren't on par with Rock/Hogan at WM 18 or Taker/HBK at WM 25, or even lesser ones like Punk/Cena at MITB 2011, because the crowds knew full well the match couldn't end in any given moment.

So, no, let's book Taker vs Cena the way Hogan vs Rock was booked.
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