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Re: The best heel in last four years of WWE Television? (2009 - 2012)

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
Well, you need to find something better to do with your time since it's not healthy to have your #1 hobby be an obsession with other people getting angry (or "butthurt" as you put it). I mean I have my own set of groups of people that I dislike but other than small doses, it's not what I live for, which seems to be the case with you and religion. But hey, whatever floats your boat... whether it's necrophilia or ranting about religion.

And no, he was not "doing his job perfectly as a heel". I simply can't stand him and face or heel, I enjoy watching him lose. I don't hate him because he's a heel, I hate him because I consider him toilet break/channel changing material and would rather he falls off this planet, never to be found again than ever show up on a TV screen again. There's a big difference. For heels who I want to see lose because their character pisses me off, I got some damn good examples in JBL (04-05) and Edge (05-06). Can't say the same about Punk.
When did I say pissing off the religious is my #1 hobby? And when did I say I dislike religious people? I enjoy watching them get butthurt over somebody mocking their religions,Thats it.I have nothing against religious people,The closest people to me are religious people wither its my family or friends.I have a problem with their religions,Not them as people.Also I am not a necrophiliac,I just don't judge people who have the desire to get down with corpses I'm just that kind of liberal.

I can't say I understand why you dislike Punk,I dislike Miz for the same reasons as you I'd hate the guy face or heel.I won't discuss how Punk is doing his job well with you since it seems to me you'll keep on disliking him till the day you stop breathing the same way I dislike Miz greatly.

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